Make a Splash With These 4 Water-Based Jobs

Make a Splash With These 4 Water-Based Jobs

July 9, 2019 Off By Admin

Many people have heard the employment-seeking adage, “Do what you love.” Despite such sound advice, however, job dissatisfaction plagues more than 70 percent of American workers. Changing careers can be easier said than done, though, and many workers fear a new employment environment will fail to yield the passion and fulfillment that is desired. If that sounds familiar, a new career could be best for you. Finding one you’ll love, however, might not be as difficult as you think. If you’re among the millions of people who spend his or her time fly-fishing, whitewater rafting, going to the beach or relaxing by the pool, chances are you love the water. There is a wide variety of water-based work available, so here are four careers to make a splash in your life.


One career field that is currently making waves is oceanography. Buoyed in part by the success of the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week programming, more people are turning to the deep sea to make some clams. Oceanographers study all aspects of the ocean, from water properties and marine ecosystems to plate tectonics and climate change.


Commercial drivers take to the open road rather than the open sea, but the work is every bit as important. Some drivers transport bottled drinking water across the country, while others carry wastewater away from drilling and fracking sites. Unlike oceanography, these jobs are not limited to coastal areas. A quick online search for water hauling in north dakota or in your region will highlight available employment.


This job title might not roll off the tongue, but it sure is a tongue pleaser. These marine farmers tend to aquatic plants and raise freshwater and marine fish and shellfish in controlled environments. Many of the fish make it to market as food, while others are used in recreational fishing.


Fishing is a relaxing hobby for many, but for commercial fishermen, it’s a hard and dangerous job. There’s not much time to sleep, living space on a fishing vessel is few and far between, and the threat of serious injury or even death is always in the air. It may sound like punishment to some, but many wouldn’t trade a fishing career for anything. Beyond the pay, few other careers offer the camaraderie, excitement, natural beauty and amazing stories you’ll find on a fishing boat.

If you feel like you’re drowning in your career, just look to the water. Whether it’s on the oceans, along streams or in the oil fields, there is a wide variety of water-based work waiting for you.