Signs Of a Faulty Residential Electrical Wiring

Signs Of a Faulty Residential Electrical Wiring

November 15, 2019 Off By Admin

Most people rarely think about what lies behind their walls. Yet, every time you switch on your microwave or bedroom lights, you are drawing on the internal wiring in your house. That can cause significant issues if your wiring is damaged or old. Unfortunately, electrical faults are among the leading causes of residential homes. The good news is that you can prevent fires and other frustrating situations, such as damaged appliances due to electrical faults by maintaining your wiring system often. Home inspection on your electrical wiring is vital in keeping the system in good shape. Like other electrical systems, your internal wiring system wears out over time. Therefore, it pays to know how to tell when your residential electrical wiring is faulty or in a bad state.

Frayed Wires

Wires crack or fray as a result of corrosion, age, bending or corrosion. Screws or nails can also pierce or pinch wires. Unfortunately, damaged wires are hazardous and should be replaced right away. But, this is not a task that you should DIY. It is best to hire pros, such as electrical wiring installation Austin to replace frayed wires and keep your home safe.

Burning Smell

The other sign that indicates you need an electrician to check on your wiring system is burning smell from your power outlets. When you notice an unusual burning smell emanating from your sockets, it could be a sign that your wires are damaged. When cables are worn out, the electric current inside your power outlets produces sparks, which can easily cause a fire. Call a technician to inspect your wiring system and repair it.


Smoke coming from a power outlet or an appliance is a sign of trouble. Make sure you switch off all your devices when you see smoke and call an electrician. It would also be wise to turn off the main circuit breaker as you wait for the electrician to identify the source of the smoke and fix the issue.

Loose Connections

The other tell-tale sign of a fault in your wiring system is loose connections. Connections between power outlets and electrical wires loosen over time. If this happens to you, you need an electrician to check on the wiring system and make sure that all outlet covers and switch plates are in excellent condition. The electrician should also check on the state of wires and replace any broken, missing or cracked plates.

Skilled and licensed electricians will complete the task, whether you want to upgrade your electrical system or repair faulty outlets. Don’t hesitate to call an electrician as soon as you notice these signs. Avoid a DIY project for any wiring job.