Timber Flooring, Mt. Druitt, Australia Are The Trending Solution To Your House Floors

Timber Flooring, Mt. Druitt, Australia Are The Trending Solution To Your House Floors

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If you are planning to turn your home organic and eco-friendly, then don’t forget to consider your house floor in it. Flooring is an important component in buildings and homes as they represent the foundation on which the entire building rests. Timber flooring in Mt. Druitt is becoming popular due to the number of benefits they have.

Types of timber flooring:

1.Hardwood timber flooring: Generally deciduous trees like Mahogany, Oak, Walnut and teak are considered hardwoods due to the high wood density. Hardwoods take decades to grow and therefore, they are relatively expensive. However, they are highly durable and most preferred.

2.Softwood timber flooring: Most of the evergreen trees like Pine, Cedar, Spruce, and Fir belong to the category of softwoods. Since they grow rapidly and much faster than hardwoods, they are relatively affordable. They have low density and need to be installed in layers to provide more strength and durability.

3.Engineered timber flooring: Engineered timber flooring is a combination of low density and high-density wood. A layer of high-density wood is sandwiched between solid wood and acts as the core board. Engineered wood creates a strong base and is extremely wear-resistant and resistant to damages for long periods.

Reasons to rely on timber flooring:

  • Durable: It can last long periods of time without losing its quality and sheen. It is said that timber can last even centuries.
  • Safe: Unlike rugs and other flooring types that trap pollen, dust and involve the use of hazardous chemicals, timber floors are chemical-free and non-allergenic, ensuring the complete safety of the residents.
  • Appealing: Timber floors provide a great look to your home interiors and give you the feeling of living closer to nature.
  • Natural: Instead of installing flooring materials that are manufactured using hazardous chemicals and toxic solvents, timber flooring, Mt. Druitt is completely natural and is the possible green approach. They are renewable and hence, environment-friendly.
  • Wear and fire resistant: In general, timber floors are resistant to wear and tear and heavy foot traffic. It can withstand damages due to the layers of wood underneath. They are also resistant to fire. Also, they can absorb sound and create a better acoustic environment. They are also resistant to insects.
  • Regulate temperature: They have the ability to absorb moisture, and therefore, they expand and contract on the absorption of moisture. Due to this feature, they make us feel comfortable by providing warmth during winters and keeping cool during summers.
  • Strong yet lightweight: Timber floors are sturdy and hard even though they are lightweight. Since they are not heavy, they can be easily installed and replaced.

Factors determining the type of timber flooring:

1.Colour: From Blackbutt to Forest Reds, there is a wide range of colours of timber flooring in Mt. Druitt to pick from. However, all the colours give an earthy appeal to your interiors and make you feel calm and peaceful with subtle colours.

2.Grain: The texture and pattern on the wood are unique to each plant species and are extremely beautiful.

3.Unfinished or finished: The timber flooring can be installed and then finished or can be finished before installation.

4.Hardwood or Softwood: The type of wood also determines the quality and durability of the flooring.