Under Pressure: 3 Reasons to Soft Wash a House

Under Pressure: 3 Reasons to Soft Wash a House

January 11, 2021 Off By Admin

Pressure-washing is a popular way to clean your home’s exterior, driveway, and other neglected spots that have acquired build-up.

While pressure-washing has its place, many forget they can soft wash a house instead. After all, pressure-washing comes with its own challenges and risks.

For one, the pressure on a device like that can cause wounds—some may even lead to infections, disability, or amputation. When accidentally pointed at another individual, this device can be very unsafe. In addition to injuring people, a pressure washer can also throw objects (and even ruin a bush or two in the process).

Soft washing allows homeowners to accomplish the same cleaning mission using a similar device that’s safer and easier to use. Similarly, many businesses offer this service, too, making it an accessible endeavor.

Keep reading for more of its benefits.

  1. Soft Washing Can Target More Delicate Spaces

Pressure washing doesn’t provide as much flexibility.

For example, you can’t wash window screens or accidentally hit your favorite plant and expect them to be unscathed. A pressure washer will take down what’s in its stream.

Soft washing is more versatile in that it can be used on all types of home siding safely (vinyl, stucco, wood, and more), on windows, and other more fragile areas. It’s less likely to leave marks or signs of damage.

  1. Soft Washing Is Safer for Users, Too

While someone using a pressure washer is likely aware of its dangers, that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. With high-pressured devices like a pressure washer, a hand in front of the stream can be awful news.

If you’re not willing to take a chance, you might be looking for an alternative. By definition, soft washing involves a stream of water that you could harmlessly put your hand in front of.

To be safe, though, it’s best to avoid contact with the stream.

  1. Soft Washing Doesn’t Just Remove Mold—It Kills It

When you soft wash a home, you’re doing it more service than a pressure washer could.

Often, pressure washing is used to remove unsightly things from your driveway or home’s exterior, like mold, algae, dirt, and mildew. While it does remove it, it doesn’t target the problem at its source. The algae or mold could potentially regrow and take over again.

Soft washing, which involves a water and biodegradable chemical solution, actually kills the mold or algae, making its return far less likely. This effectiveness makes the probability of needing to soft wash again low.

Soft Wash a House Today

When it comes time to clean your home, you may want to consider soft wash equipment. It’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s easy to use. You can even get your kid to do it for you!

But if you’re still unsure about using a pressure washer, never forget that you can hire a soft wash house cleaning service. Why DIY when you can outsource?

We hope this article helped you determine the best cleaning method for you. Our page has more ‘home’ tips like this. Check them out!