Home Remodelling- Flooring Choices

  1. Laminate-extremely easy to install, laminate floors are also easy to maintain and don’t cost a lot. Put them in places that see a whole lot of footfalls- the entryway, the kitchen and so on and it will handle the pressure just fine. While it is durable, do keep in mind that there’s no replacing it easy. Even if a small section is ruined, you’ll have to change the entire thing. While it’s tempting to go in for something really cheap, keep in mind that too low a cost could mean low quality too.
  2. Cork- this flooring choice is a great fit in a cold environment. It provides solid insulation, and is microbe and mold resistant. If you have a budding rock star in your house, install cork floors and listen to the noise levels come down considerably. But do remember, moving heavy equipment or prolonged placement of heavy stuff will leave indentions on the floor. It’s also not a good fit for the outdoors because sunlight can ruin its colour and water can ruin it completely.
  3. Tile- there are so many reasons why tile is such a good option. It’s not so difficult to lay a tile floor. Depending on the tile you use, it’s not an expensive option. Tiles are water proof, so make for a great choice in the bathrooms and the kitchen. It’s easy to clean too. But tiles get cold so they may not be a good fit for a cold climate. Tiles are durable but they do crack, which means you’ll have to replace that tile. Luckily, a tile or two can be changed when required, and not the entire floor. If you are considering tiles, antique tiles and reclaimed tiles are good choices. They bring warm colours, a sense of symmetry, and a uniqueness to any home.
  4. Rubber- this is a must for your home gym and spaces where there are wet floors. They are anti-skid and may be considered as flooring for bathrooms used by the older members of the family. Rubber is less tough on the knees and joints, so it’s a good choice to walk on. At the same time, it’s not super soft that your feet sink into it.
  5. Hardwood-This beautiful looking floor can be very expensive. This makes it somewhat exclusive and not a good choice for all budgets. If the sky is the limit in your remodelling journey, then yes, this is the option to keep. Or you could use it for a small floor space to add an extra dimension. But will it be worth it is the question to see here. Hardwood floors get damaged and replacement will be costly.
  6. Concrete- nothing speaks solidity as much as a concrete floor does. The drawback is that it cannot be laid- it has to be poured. This makes it beyond the reach of a DIY-er and also an expensive option. There is also the question of how cold a concrete floor can get. It can be a good choice for the outsides, the walkways and the fire pit or barbeque space in the backyard.

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