Natural slate floor tiles for a beautiful and functional home

Natural slate floor tiles for a beautiful and functional home

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Slate is a sedimentary natural rock that is characterized by being divisible into thin slabs, by the hardness, by the great variety of colors, and its particular texture.

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The characteristics of this material are practically unlimited. Depending on the finish, natural slate stone can be used both for floors and walls, inside or outside, for worktops, accessories, etc.

There are many people who choose this material for the flooring of their home. Walking on the stone has always had its charm also for the beauty that nature has impressed in this ancient building material.

Slate floors are perfect for every home, style of furniture, and type of people because they are versatile and do not require special maintenance.
Slate is one of the best natural stones for the construction of floors in our homes. This is in fact one of the few stones to be naturally waterproof and therefore does not need any kind of preliminary treatment to be used in very humid environments such as the kitchen or the bathroom. At the same time, its great resistance to fire makes it the best material to choose in environments such as the kitchen to increase safety.

This is also an anti-slip stone and therefore the natural slate floor tiles are particularly suitable for the flooring of houses where even very young children, elderly people, or people with mobility problems. Even if it is wet, slate has in fact such a rough surface to avoid any kind of fall. In any case, to satisfy the aesthetic taste of all, it is possible to choose a natural slate flooring with sealing to make it more polished and with a more elegant finish.

All these characteristics make the slate perfect for the flooring of our homes but it is necessary to emphasize that slate is chosen not only for its extreme functionality but also for its indisputable aesthetic beauty. The natural slate in fact has a natural dark gray color tending to black with exceptional elegance and beauty that matches perfectly with any environment and any style of furniture.

Not everyone, however, loves the idea of ​​flooring so dark but even in this case, you can customize your choice. In addition to the more traditional colors for this stone, in fact, you can choose natural slate floor tiles in different shades such as green, multicolored, purple, or even with the delicious white nuances. The slate is also available in various finishes in order to be combined with a specific style of furniture in the best possible way.