Taking care of your air conditioning system

Taking care of your air conditioning system

May 28, 2020 Off By Admin

The air conditioning system is a critical component and an essential investment for your home. But it’s an expensive one. However, taking care of the air conditioning system will breathe new life and prevent costly repairs. Also, it extends its lifespan, and ensures it operates efficiently. The air conditioning system comes with two separate components the evaporator and the condenser. Let’s explore on taking care of your air conditioning system

Check the Condensate Drain

A lousy weather season may cause impeded drainage due to clogging preventing the air conditioning system from work efficiently. The condensate drain allows condensation, thus helping to drain water outdoor properly. A plugged duct may lead to flooding and cause you to replace your AC unit since it may stop working altogether. Locate the condensate drain through the PVC pipe and use the dry/wet vacuum to check the drain. Run the vacuum to clear the drain of any matter or algae growing inside, blocking it from working powerfully.

Clean the fins

The compressor fins located on the exterior portion near the compressor look like grills with metals, and they help move the heat away. To clean the fins, remove the system’s outer covers, use a vacuum soft brush attachment to remove the outside dirt. After cleaning trash, take the garden hose and using a gentle stream spray throughout the fins from inside to outside. This eliminates built-up debris and dirt. Avoid using a pressure washer to prevent damaging the fins and for dirtier ones use a commercial fin cleaning spray.

Inspect the Fins

The fins located on the exterior unit help move the heat away. This prevents the reduction of the airflow that may reduce the system from working efficiently. Inspect the fins for any bends and gently using the fin straightening tool or butter knife straighten the bent fins.

Remove Debris

On the air conditioning system, check the exterior component compressor/condenser and remove the fan cage using the wrench. Lift the fan grill and dry/wet vacuum the interior to remove all the debris and leaves.

Level the Unit

The level pad upon which the air-conditioning system condenser unit sits may get soil beneath it. A condenser unit that is out of the level may cause the compressor to fail, preventing a healthy flow of air. Bring the condenser back to scale using the rot-resistant shims.

Clean and replace the Blower Filter.

The blower filters located inside the unit should be replaced every six months before cooling and heating season or as needed. Especially if living in a dusty location. Use new filters with the same airflow rating to prevent reduced airflow. Locate your AC indoor furnace filter enclose located near the large return duct for the fresh air.

Frequently Run the Air-conditioner Unit

Perform frequent air condition adjustments by setting the unit to various levels from cool to coldest settings. The humid, warm air helps in condensing the cold coils supporting in rinsing the foam and dirt.

Taking care of your home air-conditioning system ensures you receive healthy air circulation, thus keeping your family safe. Contact your air conditioner expert from comprehensively maintenance and servicing as needed or every six months.