How to Best Decorate Your Bedroom with a Few Key Items

July 21, 2017 Off By Admin

We already know that there are some items which are essential to a bedroom, such as (surprise, surprise!) a bed, a table, and more. But if you really want to make your bedroom as cosy and as comfortable as can be, as well as add to its charm and personality, there are some items which are essential. Here’s how to best decorate your bedroom with a few key items.

A nice rug

Imagine waking up in the morning and doing your morning stretch on the bed – and then stepping onto a cold, hard floor. What an unpleasant way to begin your day! If you want to wake up in a nice way in the morning, then you should invest in a nice rug. A rug will not only make you more comfortable – it can also lend a warmth and cosiness to your bedroom and make for a great personal statement. You have full control over the colour of the rug as well – if your bedroom is comprised of neutral shades, add a pop of colour with a bright, bold rug. Alternatively, you can add an earthy tone to your bedroom with a rug in a subtle shade such as beige or off-white.

Throw pillows

Pillows are important for a good sleep, and most of us like to have two or three to cuddle with. But if you want your bedroom to have that extra element of warmth, then throw some throw pillows into the mix. Be careful, though – you don’t want to have too much that you end up spending ten minutes each day trying to fix your bed when it’s time to sleep. A good balance would be between two to six throw pillows, which also depends on how big your bed is.

A comfy armchair

Your bedroom would definitely not be complete without a place for you to sit. We’re talking about a place aside from your bed, that is. If you want your bedroom to be a haven of comfort and practicality, you should look for a good armchair. An armchair serves a very practical purpose, such as when you’re taking off your shoes, when you’re conversing with someone, or when you’re checking your emails or social media accounts. Your armchair can be a nice focal point apart from your bed, so make sure it’s sturdy and of a good and unique design, such as the vintage industrial furniture from House Junkie.

A good nightstand

Bedside tables or nightstands are an essential element for any modern bedroom. It is, after all, where you can place your lamp, a glass of water, some books, your gadgets, and so on. Make sure your nightstand is of a good height, not to low and not too tall, and that it has the right size for whatever needs to be placed on it.