5 Preventive Furnace Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

5 Preventive Furnace Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

August 16, 2018 Off By Admin

When was the last time someone came to tune up your furnace? Furnace cleanings and tune ups help keep your furnace running efficiently. Preventive maintenance means no unpleasant surprises when you wake up to discover the furnace has stopped running. Winter is hard enough without trying to get by with no heat until you call the furnace service tech.

Modern furnaces don’t need to be cleaned nearly as often. Energy efficient furnaces don’t accumulate the same kind of dirt and grime that older models do, though you will still need to check the flame sensor. Older furnaces (10+ years) should be cleaned quite regularly. In fact, annual visits from a service tech may be necessary to keep your furnace running smoothly.

What’s involved in a furnace cleaning and tune up? These are some of the major things that will be handled by furnace cleaning services to keep your furnace running optimally.

#1 Inspect Air Filters

The first thing a service tech will likely do is inspect your air filter. It’s one of the most common sources of furnace problems and they can get dirty quickly, especially in a house full of pets with all of their fur blowing into the vents. A dirty air filter means restricted air flow and reduced furnace efficiency. That can mean bigger energy bills for homeowners or even cause your furnace to stop working completely. It always helps to write down the date of the last time you brought in furnace cleaning services or the last time you changed your air filter.

#2 Inspecting Your Thermostat

Electrical issues with your thermostat can affect its temperature sensors and how well it manages the temperature in your home. If you find your furnace is running for too long or turning on and off erratically, there may be an issue with your thermostat.

#3 Cleaning Your Vents

The service tech should check your vents for both blockages and leaks. They will clean ducts and vents to keep dirt from building up and affecting the performance of your furnace. Duct cleaning is another service you might want to consider or ask if it’s included in a tune up. A lot of different things can wind up in your ducts, including pet hair, food particles, and other kinds of debris that will affect the air quality in your home and your furnace’s performance.

#4 Checking the Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is one of the most important components of a furnace. It’s where the heat produced by your furnace system is transferred to the air that gets distributed throughout your home. It’s a thin sheet of metal and if it becomes cracked or otherwise compromised, your whole HVAC system will be affected.

#5 Checking the Burner

The furnace service tech will also check the burners to ensure that it’s igniting and sensing flames properly.

There are plenty other points that a furnace service tech will check when they give your furnace a tune up. Keep up with preventive maintenance and save yourself from dealing with a furnace emergency.