7 Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

7 Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

June 19, 2019 Off By Admin

How old are your windows? While older windows don’t necessarily need to be replaced, there are some signs that you need to watch for. Determining whether it’s time to replace those windows can be a bit tricky since window replacements are expensive and you want to be absolutely sure.

Thankfully, there are some things to look for when examining your windows. These seven signs make it clear that it’s time to begin pricing replacements.

1) The Frames are Damaged

There are several different ways in which your window frames can be damaged.

For example, they might have deteriorated to the point where they no longer open and close properly. If you have to force them down and prop them open, then it’s time for replacements.

In addition, the frames might be rotting or cracking. If the frames are allowed to further deteriorate, then things might reach the point where the window panes actually fall out of their frames.

In addition, things like damage around the frames, where they meet the walls, can be a sign that there are problems going on underneath the surface that you just can’t see. In such cases, you either need to call a professional or check out this guide on DIY window framing.

2) Your Energy Bills are High

If you pay a lot of money in the winter to heat your home, and just as much in the summer to cool it down, then the problem might be your windows. If your windows no longer seal properly, then they are letting air in and out. This causes your HVAC system to work harder, particularly if your main thermostat is located right near one of them.

In addition, the problem may be with the seal around your window frames, allowing for drafts of air that shouldn’t there be.

3) Your Windows are Permanently Fogged Up

Windows that you can’t see out of are a major problem. If your windows are fairly new, then the problem might just be that they’re dirty.

However, if they’re old, then the seal between the panes of glass and the frames might have broken, causing them to fog up no matter what the weather is like outside. While dirty windows can be clean, fogged ones need to be replaced. There’s really no way around it since the broken seal is a lengthy repair job and it will be cheaper just to get new windows.

4) They Aren’t Dampening Sound

If your windows are no longer dampening sound as they should be, then there’s something wrong with them. It could be that the frames have microscopic cracks in them, or that the seal between the glass pane and the frame has given up.

On top of this, the glass might have small cracks in it that you just haven’t noticed. No matter what, it’s time to replace those windows with a new model that dampens sound better.

After all, you don’t need to hear everything that your neighbors are doing, especially when they’re mowing their lawn at 7 am on a Saturday.

5) The Window Panes Are Broken

Actual broken panes of glass are a major issue and a sure sign that your windows need to be replaced. These panes of glass let in the elements and you can end up with high energy bills.

In addition to this, they can let in unsavory creatures, such as squirrels and chipmunks, who see the open windows as an invitation and find their way into your home. Plus, rain and snow can even get in through these cracks. If your windows are broken, it’s time to get them fixed sooner rather than later.

6) You Need Change

In some cases, it’s not that your windows are broken or cracked. It could just be that you’re tired of them and looking for new window replacement ideas.

You might want to redecorate your home, get new siding, and a new roof, and then spend the money on new, up to date windows as a part of the process. This is fine. If you’re tired of your windows and want an entirely new look and some upgraded features, then go ahead and get them replaced. It’s a sign that you want – and need – something new.

There’s nothing wrong with that, so find the best window repair company near you and schedule an appointment.

7) A Storm Just Came Through

If your home was hit by a major storm that brought plenty of wind and precipitation with it, then you’ll need to replace any windows that were damaged or loosened.

Once it’s safe to head outside, walk around your house and examine the windows. If there are signs that they are loose (meaning that they are no longer attached to the walls of your home), or otherwise damaged (broken panes of glass and cracked frames) then you need to call a window repair company right away.

Those windows will need to be repaired as soon as possible.