Are you Moving House? Here’s 10 Things That You May Forget

Are you Moving House? Here’s 10 Things That You May Forget

August 9, 2019 Off By Admin

Moving home can be a pretty stressful time. Exciting, but stressful. And human nature is such that when we’re stressed, we tend to forget to do things.

But, relax. If you’re in the midst of packing boxes ready for pastures new, or you’ve just accepted an offer on your current abode and need to get going, then take a minute to read these ten reminders of things you may have forgotten.

1.  Create a Moving Calendar

We’re agreed that moving can be stressful. But one thing that can really make your life easier is creating a house move calendar. When it comes to packing up your old home ready to move to the new, you naturally want everything done as fast as possible. But it’s not easy to get organized and be time-efficient if you don’t know what’s happening when. Being able to effectively coordinate all the various tasks that are needed to get you from A to B can feel like a military operation, so planning it like one will help you stay on top of all those little (and not so little) jobs that need doing and means you have all the information at hand when you’re asked for dates by letting agents, estate agents, removals firms and solicitors.

It also helps you keep a handle on what’s done, what’s still to do, and when it all needs to be done. By creating a moving calendar, you’ll be able to set tasks for each day and get reminders of when an important deadline is coming up. And it will help when it comes to booking external services, such as removal services, Skip Hire Telford, and mail redirection services.

2.  Label Boxes

This may seem like such an obvious reminder and something everyone starts with the intention of doing, but trust us when we say it’s one of those tasks that gets easily overlooked in the eye of the storm. When you’re nearing deadline day and you just want everything packed away, labeling boxes becomes an afterthought and not one many people carry out. But make sure you do it!

You’ll get lost between what’s for the new kitchen, bedroom, front room, or even for donation. So make your life a little easier and label exactly what is in each box and which room of the new house it’ll be moving to. You’ll be glad you did when you’re desperate for the kettle to make that celebratory cup of coffee when you’re finally in the new place!

3.  Important Documents and Valuable Items

Don’t forget to put all your important documents and valuable items in one safe, easily accessible place. That way, if you need some vital paperwork, you won’t be scrabbling around looking for it.

And paperwork is essential when it comes to moving. You’ll be needing wage slips, identification documents such as your passport and driving license, utility bills, and all the documents with details of your accounts on them, whether that’s TV and broadband suppliers, water, gas, and electricity services, and companies that will need to be informed of your change of address.

You’ll also want to make sure you don’t leave any valuable items behind. You’ll no doubt remember where things like your mobile phone and laptop are kept, but are there any items you don’t use regularly which have put in safe places you won’t think to look in? You may have items of importance or value to you, which you may have hidden in the house over the years.

4.  Don’t Move on a Friday

It’s tempting to schedule your move for a Friday so that you have the whole weekend to unpack. But Fridays are notoriously busy moving days and therefore local companies who can help with removals are likely to have less availability for those days.

If you have no choice but to move on a Friday, ensure that you shop around well ahead of time.  Book removal companies with as much notice as possible and ensure that you have backup plans just in case anything goes wrong.

5.  Deal with the Rubbish

When it comes to moving house, you’ll discover a lot of clutter that you’re no doubt looking to get rid of. But where can you dispose of these items?

One of the options is donating the items to a local charity. Many charitable organizations offer a collection service and will even take away your larger unwanted items of furniture, saving you the expense of having to transport them yourself. If you have items that can still be used – then donating them is a great option. Before lugging all your donations down to the charity shop though, make sure you ring them to ensure they’re accepting donations.

Another option is to sell items. You could host a yard sale before you leave, or if that is too much time and hassle, sell the items online using websites such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

A final option is just to bin the items. If you’ve only got a small number of items to get rid of (unlikely!) then taking them to the tip rather than putting them in a general waste bin is a good idea as they will sort and recycle your items for you. But you may have too much waste to transport yourself in which case you will want to hire a skip. Skip Hire Telford offers an affordable and convenient service.

6.  Informing People About Your Move

Have you informed all your family, friends, employer, utility companies, and subscription services about your move? Start making a list of everyone you need to tell now and keep adding to it as you think of people/companies. Don’t forget about things such as insurance, any savings funds you have, and loan providers.

7.  Pack An Essentials Box

Packing all your essentials in one box or bag which is easy to get ahold of is something people often forget to do. This box should contain your medication, electrical chargers, toothpaste, and other items which you’d pack in a ‘survival’ overnight bag.

8.  Attend to Your Pets’ Needs

Most people are so stressed out with moving, that they forget their pets will be stressed out too. Cats, for instance, get very stressed by moving, and they need to remain inside for a few weeks in the new house before being allowed out. If you’re concerned about the best ways to move your pet, contact your pet’s veterinarian for more information.

9.  Clear The Old House

When you’ve finally got everything packed, ensure the house is fully cleared out. Whether that’s making sure the walls and floors are clean, or that you’ve actually got all of your furniture and belongings out of the house, it all needs doing. If you’re in rented accommodation, you don’t want to lose out on your deposit because you’ve left a mess, wall markings, or any damage, so make sure you’ve cleaned up and had anything that needs fixing remedied long before moving day.

10. Writing a review

Something else people often forget to do is write a review of the companies they use. A lot of local companies thrive off the feedback customers give. It’s a way they can generate new sales. So if you’re thankful for the service you received or someone who went over and above to help you out, make sure you leave thanks for everyone to see.

With these reminders, you should be well on your way to a stress-free move. Even if unforeseeable events do crop up, you’ll hopefully feel far better placed to deal with them when you’re organized and on top of the move. Happy new home!