Ask your stair lift provider these questions

Ask your stair lift provider these questions

August 24, 2019 Off By Admin

There are indeed many benefits of getting a stair lift for a home. Getting a stair lift is increasingly become a need instead of just a want, especially in countries like Singapore, where the country is experiencing an aging population. Users that struggle with mobility and have a stair case in their home, would require a stair lift to manoeuvre between levels. If you looking to get one in Singapore, you should consider approaching a chair lift Singapore company and consult them before committing to a purchase.

In this article, we will discuss the many factors that one should consider before getting a stair lift for their home.

What is the weight limit?

Note that a stair lift can be highly customizable and one should take into account the maximum weight limit of the stair lift or chair lift. With many models out there in the market, each chair lift has their own weight limit. Therefore, the home owner needs to take into account the different weight types in the home, and one should consider the extra weight to be incorporated if the person would need to carry goods up the stairs. 

Is there any renovation cost needed?

Next, there are different types of chair lifts that cater to different types of stairs. In addition, one should ask the chair lift provider if there is a need to renovate part of the stairs in order to cater for the chair lift. It may be a need to include install in a railing in order for the chair lift to be installed successfully.

What is the installation cost?

Most chair lift provider would provide a complimentary installation service when you buy the chair lift from them. However do ensure that the installation fees has already been included in the quotation presented to you.

Is there any maintenance cost?

Lastly, overtime, it is common for a chair lift to undergo wear and tear. Therefore, one should ask about the potential maintenance cost that needs to be catered for in the future for the chairlift. With advancement in technology, many chair lifts have proven to last for a long period of time and they have proven to be easy to maintain.

If you thinking of getting a chair lift, the next thing that you can do is to do up a research on the different chair lift companies and look into their portfolio and reviews.