Benefits of Wood Stain

Benefits of Wood Stain

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Wood is aesthetically pleasing, and many individuals choose to enhance and protect the beauty of the wood by opting to stain it instead of paint it and cover up the natural beauty of the wood. Wood stain comes in many shades and purposes so individuals can choose how dark or light they want the stain to be as well as which stain to use for different wood projects. A wood shelf displayed in the interior of the home will require a different stain from an outdoor wood deck that will not only be exposed to the elements but will also have to withstand foot traffic. Below you will find the top five benefits of using stain.

To Prevent Wood Rot

Wood is susceptible to rotting for various reasons including mildew, mold, and insects. While wood used outdoors is more susceptible to rotting, a wooden shelf in a bathroom that is not properly sealed can also rot. The best solution to keep your wood from rotting is by applying the stain. By applying the stain, you give your wood a protective layer that will not only keep the wood from rotting but will also enhance the natural beauty of the wood. If the wood is not properly treated and begins to rot there is no way to fix it, the wood will need replacing, and this can be costly especially if it is a large outdoor deck.

To Protect the Wood From the Elements

The wood used for outdoor projects like decks, furniture, or sheds must be protected to keep the elements from ruining the wood. The stain is an excellent choice for wood that is utilized outdoors as it will form a protective layer that will make the wood waterproof and help prevent the wood from rotting or if you live in a cold climate wood that has absorbed water can freeze and cause the wood to split and crack. In addition to preventing damage from water, stain also protects the wood from the harmful rays of the sun.

Ease of Application and Maintenance

Stain not only helps protect the wood, but it is also easier and cheaper to apply than paint. Unlike paint, the stain does not require a primer saving you time and money. When the stain is applied, it soaks into the wood creating a bond that will help protect the wood and make it easier to maintain than paint which only sits on the surface of the wood.


The stain is easy to apply and is more durable than paint making it a great choice for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic like decks and stairs. While to amount of stain you will need to apply and how often you will need to reapply the stain will vary depending on the climate you live in, on average for even the most used areas stain will only need to be reapplied every few years.


Natural wood is aesthetically pleasing, and while it is important to protect the wood, the last thing many people want to do is to cover up its natural beauty. Instead of covering up the beauty of the wood, the stain will soak into the wood enhancing the beauty as well as protecting it. Stains come in a variety of colors, and even if you want a dark color stain, it will still enhance the aesthetic quality of the wood instead of just covering it up.