Boost Workforce Productivity With These Office Improvements

Boost Workforce Productivity With These Office Improvements

July 16, 2019 Off By Admin

If your employees’ “Monday Blahs” are lingering into Friday, it might be time for some office improvements. A recent poll brought bad news to a number of business owners: just 20 percent of workers believe his or her employer sets them up for success. The widespread dissatisfaction results in depressing work environments, but worse, it affects companies’ bottom lines; employee engagement boosts a business’s operating income by nearly 20 percent, while workers are approximately a third more productive and three times more creative. The good news is there are several ways to win back your workforce, and some won’t even cost a dime. Here are three ways to lift spirits and boost productivity among your staff.

Offer Office Upgrades

Help your employees succeed by providing a comfortable workplace. Ergonomic swivel chairs on heavy-duty caster wheels offer comfort and mobility while providing critical support for the back and neck. Pop-up desks with adjustable height levels allow workers of any stature to work from seated or standing positions. Investing in new computer systems and software gives your staff access to technology designed to enhance productivity.

Focus on Communication

Many workers cite a lack of communication as one of the most frustrating aspects of employment. In fact, over 90 percent criticized bosses for being poor communicators. Engage your staff by seeking opinions and involving team members in decision making. Make sure workers clearly understand the responsibilities and protocol. Provide feedback on employee performance, being open and honest while reinforcing positive traits.

If you want an engaged, dedicated and hard-working group, go the extra mile to ensure each staff member feels like he or she is an important part of the business and its successes. Bonuses, paid time off, company dinners and awards increase enthusiasm and build trust with workers. Your gratitude doesn’t necessarily need to have a dollar sign attached, however. Sometimes, simple words of thanks or a pat on the back go a long way to making employees feel appreciated and valued.

Invest in Wellness

Health and happiness often go hand-in-hand, so it stands to reason that workplace wellness will increase production. At the very least, healthy employees will be less likely to request sick time. Organize office baseball, basketball or tennis leagues to promote fitness while building teamwork and communication skills. Work with insurers to offer programs that help employees quit smoking or lose weight. Replace that morning box of donuts or pastries with an assortment of fresh fruits and veggies.

With the right office improvements, employee dissatisfaction can go the way of the six-day work week. Show your staff you care with these three approaches.