Can I Put Solar Pool Heating Panels In The Shade

Can I Put Solar Pool Heating Panels In The Shade

May 1, 2020 Off By Admin

You may have been reading about how the shade impacts your solar panels and you might assume that all of this info is uniform. However, when it comes to normal solar power panels and pool heating panels, the shade impacts their ability to do their job a lot differently.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid putting any kind of solar panel in the shade. However, it is certainly true that there sometimes just is not enough suitable space on your roof for panels, so alternatives must be found. Whether it is a large tree, buildings, or other obstructions, there may only be shady spots available for your panels. Luckily, when it comes to your pool heating panels, this is not the worst-case scenario.

While pool heating solar panels are impacted by shade, they are not as severely impacted as other solar panels.

One of the reasons why a shady area might not be the worst-case scenario for your pool heating panels is the fact that they do not collect heat in the same way that other solar panels collect it. Pool heating panels not only gather their heat right from direct sunlight, but they also soak it in from the air around the panels when the atmosphere is warmer than the pool water. These panels can gain power by conduction from the backside of the panel if the roof is warmer than the pool. Because of these different methods of absorbing heat, the shade from a tree, chimney, or buildings is not going to cause a lack of power in your panels.

Areas that are only partially covered in shade are also not so bad because specific sections of your panels are only blocked for portions of the day, and while the other side is in direct sunlight, it is absorbing power to heat your pool.

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