Choose the office session: here’s how

Choose the office session: here’s how

January 7, 2020 Off By Admin

Choosing an office chair may seem irrelevant. And instead, considering that a worker spends almost 2,300 hours sitting in a year, the chair becomes a fundamental element for one’s well-being. In order to make a weighted choice, the advice is to consider some aspects to be taken into consideration to make the right purchase.


As regards the height: it must be adjustable both on the backrest and on the seat to have the best support and leave the natural curve of the spine intact If we want to think of the armrests instead, they too must be able to be adjusted in height, to allow the arms to relax. The height of the armrest must be such that the forearm is always resting on the desk. Furthermore, they must allow the seat to slide under the shelf so as not to be too far from the work surface. Know that the backrest should not be too low as it should be placed in support of the whole back, in particular for the lumbar area which causes higher pain if the posture is not the correct one.


Since we talk about sitting, the padding also deserves its importance. In fact, an anatomically perfect office chair must have padding on the seat and back. According to the duration of use of the seat, the more the number of hours in a sitting position increases, the more comfortable the chair must be, with mechanisms designed to offer a certain degree of dynamism.

Everything then changes according to the type of activity being performed. For those who carry out a unique and precision activity, a session made of elements is needed to give the seater the right position. Not to mention the fact that the chair changes according to personal weight and height.


If you sit for 3 to 8 hours, then you need a chair that tilts the backrest to accommodate the movement of your back. He must then be able to overturn all the components of the chair at the same time, as long as the feet can remain on the ground. Finally, remember that the metalworking components useful to hold the seat together make the difference.

In this sense, Metalmeccanica Alba has been working well to ensure that the seats are optimal, which for nearly 40 years has been manufacturing components suitable for the construction of ad hoc chairs, especially for offices.