Fiberglass Doors for Your Home

Fiberglass Doors for Your Home

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Are you planning to buy a fiberglass door for your home? Fiberglass doors give a castle-like a look to your home. When you open the door, you will feel like opening the door of the castle. People prefer those doors because they give the best first impression. They can be stained to match the wooden products in your home. There are different designs of fiberglass exterior doors such as beveled glass, unlimited door styles, and stains. If you are planning to update the appearance of your home, this type of door is a great option. In this article, you can find the advantages of using fiberglass doors.

Durable and Maintenance-Free

The durability factor of the fiberglass doors makes it extremely popular in areas with extreme weather conditions. They will not warp or expand with the changes in temperatures like wooden doors. They resist wear and tear and can last for a long time. These doors will not rust and maintain their durability and longevity. They have good insulating properties. They keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer with the help of the insulating properties. Fiberglass doors will not fade, expand, splinter, bow and twist when exposed to the elements. You can avoid maintenance costs because they require less maintenance than other materials.

Elegant Look

Due to the technological involvement in the manufacturing process of doors, it is difficult to find the difference between a fiberglass door and a wood door. You can choose the grains like oak, cherry, and knotty alder to match the existing wood in your home. You can design a custom entry door with one grain/stain color on the inside of the door and another on the exterior. These doors give the best look at the entrance.

Variety of Styles and Textures

These doors are available for home categories like classic, contemporary, Dutch, decorative, and craftsman. You can repaint these doors easily. They can be textured into fine authentic wood materials which can make them look natural.


The properly installed doors act as excellent secure barriers to your home. The composite door frames used in fiberglass doors have twice the holding power than regular wood door frames. You cannot break it by kicking or blowing the door.

Decorative Glass

You can choose decorative glasses for a more beautiful look. The style varies depending on the size of the area you choose to add glass. The style of the glass will determine the capacity of light that enters through the door and more easily see outside. The door you choose can have glass that matches the sidelights or you can use glass sidelights in the solid door.

Door Prices

The fiberglass door with no glass can cost around $2000-$3000. When the decorative glasses are used, the cost can be around $4000-$5000 and can go up to $10,000 for adding in sidelights and transom windows above the door itself. You can contact door companies to buy custom-made doors