Five Myths Surrounding Waste Disposal

Five Myths Surrounding Waste Disposal

October 29, 2019 Off By Admin

When it comes to disposing of our waste, it’s important that we know the right processes. Not taking care of our waste properly can lead to the further destruction of the environment. Unfortunately, there are still existing misconceptions about waste disposal that should already be dead.

If you want to dispose of your waste properly and protect the environment at the same time, know what those waste disposal myths are and stop believing in them.

Myth #1: Non-hazardous means you can throw it in the trash

You should always check your waste to see what kind of disposal method would best suit it. If you’re not clear as to how to figure this out, perhaps you can ask any of the hazardous waste disposal companies in Utah. They have websites where you can check information regarding proper waste disposal.

Myth #2: Landfills are the solution to our waste problems

Unfortunately, they’re not. Right now, the practice of most governments around the world is to dispose of waste in landfills because it’s cost-effective. But the underlying problem of this process is that the surrounding environment of landfills becomes toxic. So, the natural resources that surround landfills become unsafe and eventually die.

If that’s not enough, the toxic chemicals that come from wastes also seep through the soil. When these reach a river or any waterway, they will contaminate more areas. Eventually, these landfills will pollute everything near or far.

Myth #3: Recycling is an all-encompassing solution

In an ideal world, recycling is the solution to all waste problems. But right now, recycling is incapable of reusing all the items that we use every day. A lot of the things we use are not designed to be recyclable. So, there’s still so much waste that goes straight to landfills instead of recycling plants to be used again.

Myth #4: Paint is easy to dispose of

Some people think that if they pour their old paint onto some paper and wait for it to dry, they can simply throw it in their trash cans because it’s no longer hazardous to the environment. But that’s not exactly true.

You should do some research and learn about the proper disposal of paint and other similar chemicals. These liquids can be considered hazardous and therefore, it’s necessary to dispose of them properly to prevent contamination of the environment.

Myth #5: Once the waste goes to a recycling plant, you’re free and clear

There are certain regulations regarding the proper disposal of your waste, even when you send it to a recycling plant. According to the EPA, the liability of mishandled wastes in a recycling plant will be on the person who threw the waste there. So, before you head out to a recycling plant to get rid of your waste, do some research on proper disposal first.

Also, in order to avoid these incidents, try to learn more about proper waste disposal at your home. Throwing your trash in the appropriate bin is the first level of proper waste disposal. Learn where your recyclables should go to and where the other items should be placed in.