Freestanding Bath Guide

January 25, 2020 Off By Admin

There is something about a freestanding bathtub which screams luxury and elegance. Unlike baths attached to the wall or hidden away in a corner, these baths can provide an effective centerpiece in a bathroom. Investing in a freestanding tub may cost a little more compared to other options, but the aesthetic & functionality of these bathtubs make it well worth it. While there are a whole host of freestanding bathtub options to choose from, there is also a few different aspects that need to be considered before buying a freestanding bath.


The first aspect that you will need to start considering is how much space you have to play with in the bathroom. The elegance and luxury of a freestanding bath can quickly disappear if you try to squeeze the bathtub into a bathroom and leave little to no room for anything else. Consider the space you have and alternatively think about if you have any options to increase the amount of space available, such as taking out a shower unit or a sink. Finally, it is also important to remember your bathroom dimensions when shopping for your freestanding bathtub to make sure it will perfectly fit.

Bathroom Style

If you have a modern bathroom with black tiles and shiny chrome, an old-school copper tub is going to look very out of place and can ruin the entire look/theme. It is important to remember that a bathtub will usually be one of the first items that will draw the attention of people when they walk into your bathroom. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the overall style/theme that you are going for, before choosing a certain bathtub. If you are just beginning to design your bathroom then it may even be a more effective decision to choose a bathtub, before deciding on a bathroom theme.

Materials and Tub Style

Freestanding baths come in a range of styles including double ended, single ended, single slipper & clawfoot. It is therefore important that when purchasing your bathtub, you understand what each of these looks like, to ensure it matches with your style choice. In terms of materials most tub styles can be made using a range of materials, including copper, cast iron, acrylic, stainless steel and stone. Each gives its own unique look, and of course each material is priced very differently so be sure to shop around before making a final decision.


Because of the design of the freestanding tub you will often have to get creative with your tap options, as they can’t always come directly from the wall or from underneath the bathtub. Usually the best look when it comes to taps for freestanding tubs are those that come up from the floor and tower over the tub. Finally, when buying taps, keep in mind that they need to fit in with the look of the tub. For example, if you have a stone single slipper tub then putting gold plated taps over it will look very out of place whereas using another material such as polished brass will look exquisite.

Be sure to weigh up all of your options. Think about what kind of freestanding tub you want to be relaxing in, check your space and then go add some pure luxury to your bathroom.