How often should one clean their carpet?

How often should one clean their carpet?

July 15, 2019 Off By Admin

Carpets are great for adding a nice touch to your living room and they are pretty aesthetically pleasing for the eye as well. However, as versatile as they may seem, the problem with carpets is that they tend to hide dust and dirt easily; whether it is a pet hair or pieces of food. Therefore, doing carpet cleaning regularly is essential if you own a carpet at home. In this article, we will discuss the factors that one should consider before deciding how often one should clean the carpet at home.

But first, here are some reasons why you should clean your carpets regularly:

Over time, it is common for dirt to be collected on your carpets, and when they are not cleared, they can degrade your carpet and cause permanent damage to it. This would lead to an increased in future repair cost. Therefore, cleaning your carpet would help you save on cost in the long run and it also helps to extend its lifespan. The other thing is that cleaning your carpet regularly also ensures that the overall aesthetic of your carpet remains intact. Lastly, cleaning your carpet would help to ensure that dangerous items will be removed from your carpet and thereby ensuring that your occupants will enjoy a peace of mind and a high standard of safety.


If you notice that your carpets get stained quite easily, it is important that you get them cleaned immediately. If you notice any spills on your carpet as well, you would need to get your carpet washed immediately to avoid it turning into stains. If stains are a common thing for you, then you should consider getting a stain resistant carpet.


The next thing you want to think about is the number of pets you have at home. If you do have pets and they do lay around the carpet from time to time, you would want to consider at least cleaning your carpet once a week.


If someone in your home is allergic to dust, and gets sinus when he or she is around the carpet, then you would also want to consider cleaning your carpet at least once a week.

Foot Traffic

Lastly, think about the number of parties that you hold in your home. If others are often invited to your place and the foot traffic is high, you would definitely want to consider cleaning your carpet at least once a week. A quick rule of thumb is to clean your carpet and floors whenever a party is held.