How to Make a Standout Garage

How to Make a Standout Garage

April 5, 2019 Off By Admin

You’ve finally found your dream home. It has great outdoor spaces, beautiful interior finishings, the perfect layout and a nice neighborhood. Everything is great until you step into your garage and it’s … just okay. It has drab concrete floors, exposed studs and minimal lighting. It’s the eyesore of your otherwise perfect home. If you’re ready to make your garage stand out, here are four tips to get you started.

Upgrade Your Flooring

The first thing you see when you open your garage door is the floor. A drab, boring, gray floor is a common sight for many homeowners. However, the floor is an area that makes the most impact when upgraded. You have options like epoxy flooring, floor coverings and RaceDeck garage floor tiles. All of these are great options to make your flooring pop and bring a real touch of class to your garage.

Install Insulation and Drywall

Many garages suffer from the elements. In hot weather, they’re oppressively hot. In cold weather, they’re insufferably cold. One great way to alleviate this problem is by adding insulation. You’ve already got studs installed, so adding insulation between the studs, then tacking up some drywall is an easy, inexpensive upgrade. Add a coat of paint and you have a garage that looks slick and finished.

Upgrade Your Electrical

Is yours a garage with a single light switch and a lonely bulb hanging out in the center of your ceiling? Do you have only one or two sets of power outlets throughout your entire garage? If so, you’re similar to thousands of homeowners across the nation. There are several upgrades you can make to the electrical in your garage that will make a huge difference in the look, feel and functionality of the space. Add multiple banks of overhead lights. Install at least one set of power outlets on each wall. Upgrade your garage door opener to a smart device that you can control from your phone.

Install a Storage Solution

Too many garages are cluttered. There are cans of paint stacked in the corner, piles of tools on a workbench, a partially folded tarp on the stairs and random boxes stacked by the wall. Cluttered, messy garages are an eyesore and sometimes embarrassing. Consider installing a garage storage solution. Tools hanging on pegboards, nice cabinets installed on the walls and beautiful shelves holding your cans and containers are all great ways to clean up your space and make it stand out.

If you want a standout garage, you don’t want a cluttered, messy, poorly lit, bland space. Upgrade your garage. Make it a space you’re excited to share with your friends. Try some of these upgrades and enjoy the transformation.