How to make home kids friendly during the lockdown

How to make home kids friendly during the lockdown

May 6, 2020 Off By Admin

Parents and children are fed up with this longer lockdown. But parents can plan fun activities for the kids at home during the lockdown. Let us have a look upon the best fun activities that will turn your home a kids’ friendly heaven:

  1. Engage in fun art activities

You can choose among the pool of art activities like painting, coloring, sketching, molding, making homes with cardboards, etc. Follow to have different ideas.

  1. Teach baking and cooking to kids

It is the right time to teach your kids to get independent about kitchen work. Let them learn a few kitchen skills. Children can learn to make salad, sandwiches, noodles, and pasta. In the same way, you can teach them easy baking recipes as well.

  1. Engage in recycling 

Revive the older times and get involved with your kids to make different items of old and waste things at home. For instance, you can utilize old clothes to make the foot mat.

Teach planting & gardening skills

Planting is a skill that you must incline your children to do. Children should know how to plant indoor, steps to take care of the plants, and the time of watering the plants.