Is Your Heater Down and Being Fixed? Kill Time with These Activities

Is Your Heater Down and Being Fixed? Kill Time with These Activities

March 31, 2020 Off By Admin

Imagine this: it is wintertime, and you and your family are having a good time at the dinner table enjoying your delicious meals. Suddenly, you start feeling the chill. You turn the thermostat up, but the temperature does not rise. You then go down to your basement and find out that your furnace is not working. It did not receive enough proper care, so you have to call a furnace repair company in Salt Lake City in the hope that they can still help you out at such time.

They answer, and they tell you that they are available. It’s good that there are people who are willing to repair your furnace, but it will take a few hours for them to finish. Beating the cold is tough, but here are a few activities that you can do to combat it:

Sweat It Out

You might look silly with you wearing thick layers of clothes, but if you have no choice, just stand up and do some exercise. There are many activities that you can do indoors. In cold weather, your body can normalize its internal temperatures better. This will make you feel more comfortable, and you will notice that you can last longer. When you spend more time exercising, you can burn more calories.

Enjoy a Hot Drink

After a good workout session, you can turn your attention to making yourself a hot drink. Coffee is something that comes to mind, as its aroma is very enticing. Hot chocolate is also a great choice. Just add a little milk and a few pieces of marshmallows to sweeten the deal. You may experience a sugar rush, but that should drop later in time for when the repair is done. By then, you would be begging to sleep. It’s the perfect nightcap.

If you are not in the mood for something sweet, you can cook your favorite soup. It is not technically a drink, but since it is mostly liquid, it gets a pass. You can choose to consume something thick like mushroom soup. Grab a spoonful and swirl it around in your mouth, savoring its flavors and warming up your throat. Or you can have something with a more loose consistency like chicken soup. Take sips of this comfort food straight from the bowl so that you can feel the warm steam hit your face.

Build a Small Bonfire

If you have enough wood lying around, you can start a small bonfire in your backyard. You can have your family gather around and feel the warmth of the flame. You can spend this time bonding together, sharing funny stories, or playing some games. And since you are all outside, you can enjoy observing the night sky. Who knows, you might chance upon a shooting star. Try making a wish!

Later, you hear the good news. The repair guys have finished the job, and your furnace is now back to normal. It is time for you to finish your transaction and wrap up your day. Although you had a little bit of trouble earlier, you have made good use of your time doing meaningful things. It would be great if you could continue those activities as a tradition. Your family will be closer, and more happy memories will be created because of those activities.