Looking after Elderly Relatives

Looking after Elderly Relatives

February 22, 2020 Off By Admin

It is a simple probability in life that one day our parents are going to get old and need some support from their children. Just as they cared for us all when we were children, the roles will be reversed and it will be up to those children to reach out and do everything that they can to support the elderly parent and any health issues which they may have.

If you have elderly relatives who need your help, here are some tips on how you can take the very best care of them.

Understanding Their Needs

 The first step here is to actually understand what the needs are of your relatives, as age by nature doesn’t always indicate that there are health issues. If your elderly relative does not have any clear health issues then you still need to be alert as of course age does bring with it greater risk of health problems. Once you have identified the day-to-day needs of your relative you can start to really focus on how best to help them.

Involving Them in The Discussion


One of the worst things that you can do here is failing to involve your relatives in the discussion about how you are going to help them. Unless they have serious dementia problems or Alzheimer’s they should be very much a part of how you plan to help them, and their opinion should be listened to.

In-House Mobility

In-house mobility accessories is a great place to start here, you can help your relatives to maintain some independence and still give them a little support that they need. Whether they are living in a bungalow, a 2 floored property or one of those specialist prefab homes, rails, stairlifts, heighten seats and wet rooms are all options which can provide some support on those aging muscles and bones.

Getting a Carer


If you don’t live close to your relatives or your work life doesn’t afford you the chance to visit each and every day, a carer could be a great option here. A carer could go in once or twice per day, help with basic tasks, ensure that your relatives have eaten and perhaps even help them to bathe if required. Carers are a good option as their expertise can help you to gain a fuller understanding of what your elderly relative needs.

Moving Them Closer

Many prefer the option to move their elderly relatives closer to home, so that the family can be on hand for anything that they need. In some cases the relative is moved into the family home but others prefer to build a small property next door, which can help them to stay independent whilst having the family nearby. Granny flats are ideal for this, they can be built in a warehouse then delivered on site, constructed and they are ready to move straight into. This option ensures that the family is available for anything that the elderly relative needs.

This can be a sensitive subject but if you do things slowly and with everyone’s input, you can find the ideal solution which will suit the whole family.