Makita Vs Dewalt

Makita Vs Dewalt

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Company History


Makita, a company founded years ago in Anjo, Japan started as a power tool repair business. It created its first power tool, a first of its kind in the world in 1969 with a fully rechargeable hand drill. After this milestone of theirs, the company began producing an ever-increasing range of power tools and most recently expanded into gardening equipment and tools.


Dewalt is an American company that was founded almost 100 years ago by the inventor of the radial arm saw, Raymond E. Dewalt in Leola, Pennsylvania. After 20 odd years, it was bought by the American Machine & Foundry CO. and was later sold to Black & Decker.

Since 2013, Dewalt has been using parts manufactured in China, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic which have then been assembled in the United States.

The company launched a new innovative battery pack that had hybrid voltage in 2016 and named it ‘FLEXVOLT’. It now produces over 200 different power tools, along with 800+ accessories.

Makita Saws vs Dewalt Saws

When comparing the saw line up of Makita vs Dewalt, Dewalt definitely earns an upper hand. The company offers saws that cut with an incredibly high degree of accuracy. They have the power you need to cut through the toughest of material. However, Makita Saws weigh less than Dewalt saws. The less a saw weighs, the easier it is to control without getting fatigued.

The power tools of both Makita and Dewalt will serve a user on every project and come with an amazing quality, impressive performance and great design.