Square Garden Planters

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When you choose flower boxes or planters, choose a high quality product. You can find a wide range of different sizes and models of square garden planters from https://getpotted.com/. You can choose impregnated pine planters, hardwood or synthetic rattan. A real eye-catcher for your balcony or in your garden. As an option there are also wheels available, so you can easily move the flower boxes.

What kind of square planters to choose?

Pine wood planters

Pine wood planters are made of FSC wood pine wood from responsible forest management. The impregnation process is carried out at high pressure, which preserves the planters. Pine planters or planters are available in various models and sizes and are provided with water permeable sheets.

Hardwood planters

These planters are made of bangkirai. This is a type of wood with the class of greatest durability and a beautiful reddish brown color. Hardwood planters are available in several models and sizes. Hardwood planters or planters are lightly greased to protect. If you want to preserve this color, we recommend treating the planters with hardwood oil.

Planters rattan

When you choose rattan planters, choose high quality planters. Modern or classic, square garden planters, we offer a variety of planters with very little maintenance and easy to clean. We recommend in winter to leave the planters covered to avoid inclement weather. A good variety of planters will find in Intergard.

Why choose wooden square planters?

Maintenance: simple, cleaning with plenty of water once a year to remove possible moss

The wood, a living material.

  • All wood essence contains knots, it is the natural aspect of wood. The size and position vary according to the tree of origin of the sawed product.
  • Changes in temperature or humidity can cause cracks or cracks. Although visible, they do not affect the product.
  • The resin can appear on the surface, it can be easily removed with a sanding, being careful not to scratch the product.
  • According to the original characteristics of the tree and after the treatment in autoclave, there may be differences in the color of the product that will diminish with time.
  • The ascent of the salt by the treatment of the autoclave can make appear light green spots, which can be eliminated with a sanding.
  • Exposure to UV radiation gives the wood a grayish tone, an annual maintenance with a preservation product allows to maintain its color.
  • Products treated to confer resistance to fungal attacks in depth and rot.