The Pros and Cons of venetian blinds

The Pros and Cons of venetian blinds

July 15, 2019 Off By Admin

In a small country such as Singapore, majority of residents live in shared housing spaces which are called HDB flats. And thus to enjoy a better privacy, it is common for residents to use window coverings such as blinds or curtains. In general, blinds are quite a popular covering and there are so many kinds of blinds that have varied functionality. Today we will be talking more about the venetian blinds – its pros and cons. If you are thinking of getting one for your home, consider approaching a venetian blinds Singapore specialist to help you do customize one for your home.


#1: Highly Versatile

The good thing about venetian blinds is that it is highly versatile. If you choose the right colour theme of venetian blinds, you can easily use it to complement your home’s interior design and furnishings.

#2 Long-Lasting

Venetian blinds are also known to be quite durable. It is indeed long-lasting, especially for the ones that are made out of quality materials. Buying a mid-range venetian blinds is a wise choice because they are usually more durable than those made out of cheaper materials.

#3 Low Maintenance

Venetian blinds are also pretty low maintenance. They are easy to clean. One would just need to use a blind duster than dust out the dust that collects on the blinds’ slats.

#4 Great Privacy & Control

Venetian blinds are easy to operate and they offer great privacy for home owners. With just a

#5 Easy To Match

With a venetian blind, you can easily achieve a consistent look both inside and outside of your home. Venetian blinds can help you to achieve a nice stylish modern look for your home as well.


#1 Can Be Expensive

Because there are a variety of venetian blinds to choose from, the prices also vary, and getting a good quality blind can actually be quite pricey.

#2 Collects Dust

Comparatively to curtains, blinds do collect more dust. As a result, you would need to get it cleaned regularly.

#3 Can Be Easily Damaged

Lighter weight blinds can actually be easily damaged if it is not handled properly. It is much more fragile compared to curtains.

#4 Manually Operated

The last downside of getting a venetian blind is that usually they are not motorized, and thus manual operation is needed.