Things You Should Know About The Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

Things You Should Know About The Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

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These days, epoxy floor coatings are widely used in the industrial and commercial areas. Usually, these coatings are applied over the concrete floors to offer smooth, high-performance and durable surface which can last for a really long while withstanding even the heavy loads. Therefore, more and more warehouses, industrial sites, and commercial buildings now rely on the epoxy floors to maintain a safe and clean environment for the inventory, equipment, and workers.

Different uses of non-slip epoxy floor coating:

  1. Assembly and servicing areas of automobiles
  2. Cleaning rooms in pharmaceuticals and some other industries
  3. Aircraft maintenance hangars
  4. Refurbishment to the accessible epoxy flooring ramps
  5. Storage and packing areas of fertilizers and sugar
  6. Light industrial plants

How epoxy floor coating is applied?

There are mainly three ways through which the epoxy coating can be used to the floors. The first option is to introduce grit into the coatings by mixing the grit into the coating directly. Next option is to apply the coating and then sprinkle the grit immediately on the top. This is done as a light sprinkling randomly and therefore it is brushed or rolled into the wet coating. The last option of applying Non-Slip epoxy floor coating is to bury the entire painted surface completely with the grit as early as the coating is applied and levelled out. After that, a sealing topcoat is applied to the surface to lock in the grains of grit.

Advantages of epoxy floor coating:

Epoxy floor coating comes with a complete range of benefits while compared to other types of traditional coatings. Here comes a list of the main benefits of considering epoxy floor coating for industrial or commercial buildings.

  1. It creates a seamless and easy to clean floor: Once dry, epoxy floor coating offers seamless and durable surfaces that can be wiped easily to keep it free from dirt, dust, and debris.
  2. It leads to a durable and hard-wearing surface: The epoxy floor coating converts the concrete floors into a durable, seamless and high-performance surface that can last for years.
  3. It offers an attractive flooring: When dry, Non-Slip epoxy floor coating offers high gloss shine, which is available in different types of styles and colours. Here the users can choose one solid colour or they can opt for a decorative pattern by using a few colours together.
  4. It enhances safety: It is possible to increase safety with epoxy floor coating by creating a fire and heat resistant and slip impact flooring solution. Besides, being high gloss, this coating also improves brightness in the commercial place by 300%.
  5. It allows for selected work and traffic zones: Another benefit of epoxy floor coating is that it is possible to use varied colours of this coating together in the flooring to define safety zones, forklift traffic zones and other work areas.
  6. It is chemically resistant: Being chemically resistant, this floor coating is just perfect for commercial areas like warehouses, manufacturing plants and industrial plants.