Three Techniques For The Sustainable Building Mindset

Three Techniques For The Sustainable Building Mindset

September 3, 2019 Off By Admin

The planning involved for a domestic or commercial property build in 2019 looks a little different to a couple of decades ago. Of course, changes in standard building methods will evolve with new technology. But there is another evolutionary process at play. With pressure from the government and from buyers, one of the main considerations in the planning of a build comes in the form of sustainability: tapping into energy efficient procedures and methods to ensure an eco-friendly and energy efficient build from day one. Here are three comparatively new ways in which the sustainable build mindset is setting the standard for future planning methods.

1 – Green Roofing

Green (or living) roofing can be seen more and more around the UK, particularly on commercial builds and new build properties. A green roof is basically when the roof of a building is ‘alive’ if you like, and so is partially or completely covered with vegetation that is able to grow just as a garden would. Not only do green roofs help absorb rainwater, they also provide an additional method of insulation – again helping to cut down on overall energy usage. As they are designed in a way so as to self-preserve, this also means that they need little to no maintenance to continue to serve their purpose. What’s more, they offer a more pleasing landscape, and literally bring ‘green’ to an otherwise grey build.

2 – Solar Thermal Cladding

Utilising solar energy is a very popular sustainable method in any build plan and it can be put in place in a number of ways. However, in the simplest of explanations, solar panels and cladding can be integrated into the outer structure of the build in order to store solar energy to help heat water and store energy to heat buildings in the winter. Installation can also be relatively cheap, and the return on savings can be very appealing for tenants, not to mention ticking a box when it comes to government pressure and new policies in terms of an eco-friendly mindset.

3 – Efficient Internal Cooling

It’s not just about the overall structure of the build. Planners have to consider the intent of use from day one, and how the internal structure of the building will be able to take advantage of lower energy consumption. Quite often, cooling and heating systems are combined and installed now as standard. New technologies in highly efficient air-con solutions, for example. Are a huge selling point on the new build, as they add value by way of lowering monthly bills for the occupant, as well as tapping into high-efficiency standards when it comes to keeping the inner workings of the build greener.