Upgrade the Decorative Charm of your Living Space with the Eames Stool

Upgrade the Decorative Charm of your Living Space with the Eames Stool

April 25, 2019 Off By Admin

Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1960, the Eames Stool Design illustrated a distinguished and exclusive, physical dimensional construction. This handcrafted treasure is a testimony to semi-traditional furniture with modern traits that can be effortlessly incorporated into a number of desirable arrangements. Owing to its unique proportional makeup, one must have a sense of artistic taste in order to place it in a manner that truly pays tribute to the stools beauty. To make your life a little easier, we’ve drawn up a guideline of suggestions and blueprint ideas to get you started:

  1. An earthy landscape and lush scenery:


The image above perfectly demonstrates how the premium, handcrafted solid teak and dark walnut finish of the Eames Stool harmonizes with a natural space. The deep colored contours make it an outstanding standalone piece that does not require further embellishment to prove its ethereal structure. By placing it in an area that features large window panes overlooking sceneries like woods or urban views, you’re able to provide a platform that makes the Stool itself stand out. Opting for a shade lighter when it comes to flooring, pillars and additional furniture allows for a break in singular tones and thereby doesn’t let the room wash away into a bare space. The translucent and serene hue oozing from the picture is a result of the polished silhouette.

  1. A splash of vibrancy:


Your goal may be to create a space bursting with personality, uplifting and bright tones. However, you don’t want to present yourself as too overwhelming. Then installing the Eames Stool in the manner pictured above is a good option. The cream-colored seat alongside a colorful bookshelf act as complementary articles. Also, they allow you to break free from the monotony of a lifeless, mainstream aura. By playing around with this mix and match methodology, you can set up a strikingly modern aura without going over the top. The subtlety of the dark washed flooring, adjoining with the simplistic wall theme prevents the room from appearing too childlike.

  1. Color-Coordinated themes to establish a balanced touch:


By choosing to adhere to a single theme, you can establish a well-proportioned symmetry in your room. The modern-traditional design elements of the Eames Stool is a regal and stylish accent piece. It can function as both a solo piece or in the company of a twin and supplementary searing. As you can see above, it’s a truly dynamic interior design approach seeing. The Stool effuses within the room a sense of modern sophistication. On the other hand, the bright orange, 21st-century structured seating and the light grassy hues from the background add a multifaceted dimension. There is a vibe of unfettered calm which is an outcome of the genius behind the layout of the Stool itself.

  1. A blend of coziness, intimacy and traditional spirits:


The arrangement featured in this image is an idyllic example of how you can embed the handsome craftsmanship of the Eames Stool amidst classic and humble furniture pieces. You can capture a serene vibe by placing the Stool next to a lovely matching wooden armrest and footrest pair. Although not very ostentatious by nature, you can augment the stately aura of the Stool by placing it in front of a European-styled window. This spotlight positioning sets up an almost delicate ambiance around the pieces. The amalgamation of dark wooden colors of the furniture pieces is in synergy with the whitewashed backdrop and overlying headlamp. In this way, you can fashion a cozy, personalized little space that doesn’t seem too old-fashioned or mundane.

  1. Complement your trendy lounge with a dash of opulence:


When it comes to lounge decor, it can be overwhelmingly confusing. This is because one aims to create the perfect harmony between casual and elegant living spaces. The Eames Stool emits a graceful splendor, whilst upholding aesthetic standards. People tend to categorize this Stool into a more old-fashioned block. However, this image portrays how seamlessly it fits in with modern interior settings. By placing it next to enormous, bright and minimally adorned couches, you can form a free-flowing bond that looks natural. It is definitely edgy, bold as well as chic enough to be merged with a statement-worthy lounging area.

  1. A monochrome template:


Leaning more towards a rustic theme, by emulating the Eames Stool, caters to a more conventional taste. Also, depicted above is a combination of a ravishing use of wooden design elements and textures. As a result, this scheme is oriented towards capturing a warm and stylishly bucolic environment. In order to make sure you aren’t catapulted back to the 18th century, you can add modern furnishings. Thus, these can include modern and muted tables, lamps or vases.

So, these are just a few samples you can put together with the Eames Stool. These will you achieve your perfect interior space. At the end of the day, you have a blank canvas and endless options to choose from.