What Factors Into the Cost of Epoxy

What Factors Into the Cost of Epoxy

May 7, 2019 Off By Admin

If you’re considering redoing your garage floor or adding a protective coating to it, then you probably want to think about epoxy. If you’re looking for the cost of epoxy, there are a lot of price points to be aware of. Here’s what factors into the cost.

Size of Floor

On average, Americans spend about 2,000 dollars on home improvement projects. Most have to be careful about budgeting projects. The cost of the epoxy floor is heavily dependent on the size of the floor. Most of the costs, you’ll discover are based on the square footage of the garage. Most contractors charge by the square foot. Likewise, the coatings and types of epoxy are measured by square footage. The smaller your garage, the less you’ll have to pay. Make sure to have accurate measurements before you seek out a quote.

Types of Epoxy

Now, if you’re new to coating a garage floor, then you should probably know that there are a few different types of epoxies. In fact, there are three categories. On one hand, you have 100 percent epoxy coatings. These are the most expensive and will cost you the most. Usually, professionals will use this type of flooring on commercial floors. Next, you have solvent-based and water-based epoxies. Water-based epoxies are thinner and easy to apply. However, these are going to be less durable. The solvent-based epoxy coatings are thicker and will cover more of the imperfections on the floor.

Water-based are cheaper than solvent-based, whereas the 100 percent pure epoxy will be the most expensive. It’s also important to note that a thick coating may require more gallons than a thinner epoxy. You need to keep all of these facts in mind when it comes to budgeting.

Professionally Installed

If you want your epoxy floor to be done right, then most likely you’re going to want it professionally installed. While there are kits that you can use, you are more likely to have better results from a professional. They will know what to use on your floor to protect it against your use. They will also be able to keep you on a budget because they are less likely to make mistakes than you would on your own. Make sure to talk about the price with the professional. He or she will give you the best quote.

There is no one cost to an epoxy floor. It all depends on the type of epoxy, the size of the floor, and whether you choose to have a professional installation. If you’re looking to repair your floor, it’s best to keep all of the factors in mind.