Why You Should Get A Garden Hose Timer

Why You Should Get A Garden Hose Timer

November 1, 2019 Off By Admin

Lawn work is usually seen as more active than passive, meaning that you’re going to have to do it when you’re at home. However, hose timers have existed for a while that let you turn on your hose at a certain time every day and shut it off when that time period is over. While you might think these timers aren’t really that convenient so you don’t want to spend the money, you actually have a few good use cases in which it could be very helpful for you. Look into each of these reasons why you should consider buying one of these timers.


When everyone in your house is gone for vacation, you won’t have anyone to do housework. Housework typically doesn’t add up when you’re gone since a house usually only becomes messy when people are actually staying inside. However, your lawn and plants need to be taken care of when you are gone as they will continue to grow and need water even when you’re gone.

Having a hose timer is useful because you can have your plants watered every day without having to bother someone to come by and do it when they could very well just forget and let your plants die. Consider having a timer when you want to go on vacation without bothering anyone else about your lawn.


Many people like to water plants before they go off to work. However, if you have many different plants you have to water and you’re already rushing to work, this can become a struggle and often you have to think about getting someone to do it or risk watering late at night. Using a timer for your hose instead of worrying about doing it yourself is useful since you can have it set to go off any time of the day so you can have your plants watered at any time without having to even be awake or at your house. Think about having a timer if you’re worried your plants aren’t going to be able to be watered at the time you want them otherwise.


The timer you need seems like an investment that will add ease but cost you more, however you can actually save money in the long run. Many people like to go with just what they feel is enough water when they take care of their plants when you can find out how much water you actually need to make sure your plants stay alive.

You can use timers by finding out how much time it takes to get all of the water you need and then have a timer every day go off for exactly that amount of time. Not only will you be getting the ability to never have to touch the hose again, but you’ll be saving money on your water bill. Make sure to get a timer when you want to save money.


Some of these reasons can be more convenient for others while some might not care, but you should have at least one reason why you could use one of these timers for a hose around your house. Make sure to shop around for the best price and reviews so you make sure that you don’t get ripped off on a timer that ends up breaking when you are gone, causing all of your plants to die.

Ensure that your hose is still in great quality as well since you don’t want that breaking when you are relying on the timer to do all of the work for you instead of gauging it. By following this, you’ll be convinced on adopting a timer for your hose.