How Often Does Your HVAC System Need Service?

May 9, 2017 Off By Admin

The demand for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can cause quite a bit of wear, so regular maintenance is a good idea. Most service providers recommend checking the system at least once a year, in the spring, before demand picks up during the warmer months. Doing so will help it last longer and work more efficiently.

Maintaining the entire system, however, doesn’t only involve annual inspections. Replacing or cleaning the air filter every month will keep it free of dust and dirt, so the AC doesn’t have to work as hard to provide comfortable, cool air. A clogged filter can tax the system to the point physical hardware can wear down and break sooner. It can also blow contaminants into the indoor air and cause the utility bills to go up. The filters are easy to check in most systems, so you can change them if they look dirty.

Benefits of Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Many people neglect maintenance because the system seems to be working fine, and there’s no reason to spend extra money. In the long run, maintenance can save them a great deal. Parts can last longer and a more efficient system means lower monthly bills. A yearly inspection and tune-up can do a few other things as well.

By properly maintaining your HVAC system, you could have an AC system that lasts longer than expected. Many last from 10 to 20 years, but regular service can keep one going for as long as 30 years. With little or no attention, an expensive HVAC system may not even last a decade. This means that you’ll have to invest in all new equipment.

Also, peace of mind comes with regular HVAC service. Just as the system keeps you physically comfortable, knowing it is performing as designed can help you out mentally. Additionally, you’ll feel better knowing you have avoided a major equipment problem that could drain your finances. Repair costs can be quite high. The fewer breakdowns you have, the more money you can save.

What Kinds of Service Are Needed

Changing the filter once in a while is not hard for most people. If you have an outdoor unit, it should be checked for damage because leaves, twigs, and other debris can build up and even find their way inside. Indoor air vents occasionally need service as well. They should not have any obstructions, including dust, hair, lint, or pet dander.

You shouldn’t wait for a scheduled service call if something seems to be wrong. Odd noises typically mean there is a mechanical problem or the system may be contaminated. Let’s say there is a water leak, or air temperature that doesn’t match the thermostat settings. They are worth checking out before the problem gets out of hand. Any unusual performance issue should be looked at by a professional. It might be time to invest in HVAC service, but One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can send a technician to examine and diagnose the problem so it can be quickly rectified.