Where to Place your Air Conditioner for the Best Cooling Experience

January 14, 2018 Off By Admin

You’re probably still savouring the airy, sweet breeze from the previous holidays. Although we’re almost in the middle of January, we can still feel the relatively cool wind from December. We say relatively cool because 24 degree Celsius in our thermometer is a far cry from the usual temperature ranging from 30 to 30 degree Celsius during the hottest season of the year.

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Great thing almost all households in the country have air conditioners these days. It’s hard to imagine how you can stay at home on a Saturday of summer without anything to cool you down but a fan. The relevance of cooling units in homes, offices, and commercial establishments has never been this high. And we believe that with the pattern of climate change all over the world, summer will keep getting hotter by the year.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s focus on what we can do right inside our homes, particularly with our air conditioners to make them work better. We’re giving you today some tips on where to place your AC at home or in your business space to maximize its performance. Yes, we’re going to tell you about the areas in your house where your air conditioner should be located. Here they are.

Where there is no direct sunlight

Let’s talk about the indoor unit of your air conditioner first. It’s always the best to place your AC in an area where there is no direct sunlight. Wall-mounted units have a portion that’s exposed outside. Make sure that this portion does not face direct sunlight at anytime of the day. Otherwise, your cooling unit will exert extra effort to work against the hot outdoor air. Let professionals from KPA aircon do the installation for you if you never want to worry about your cooling unit being installed improperly.

Where most people stay during the day

As for the common area air conditioners or those aside from your bedroom’s, better place them where most people gather during day time when indoor temperature is at its peak. That area should be the living room for most houses. Believe me, you don’t really need an AC in the kitchen or in the dining room. If you work at home, then place an AC where you usually stay during the day.


More or less 10 feet high

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We’re talking about all air conditioners installed in your house or office. Place them around 7-10 feet above the ground because cool air is heavy so it automatically goes down. What your air conditioner does is to swallow the hot air and bring it out, then replace it with cool air. It’s not supposed to blow air directly to you like what a fan does. After all, you wouldn’t want to annoyingly get hit by the cool air blown by your AC, right?

In the middle of the room

Horizontally, your air conditioner should be installed in the middle of the room to ensure even distribution of cool air in all corners. Those with ACs installed only in one corner would understand how inconvenient and uncomfortable unbalanced air distribution is, especially during the hot summer days.

Never above electrical outlets

While it’s advisable for air conditioners to be installed high above the ground, you should make sure that no electrical sockets or fittings are directly under the unit. This is a precautionary measure for possible leaks in the future.