Tips on Choosing the Right Pool Color for You

Tips on Choosing the Right Pool Color for You

April 25, 2018 Off By Admin

A pool is a welcome addition to your family home. It motivates exercise and encourages bonding. Whatever reasons you have, building a swimming pool is a good thing for the family. Now that you decided to have a one, the next thing that you should do is choose a color for your swimming pool.
Choosing the right color is tri cky especially if you have many options. Many homeowners choose depending on the trend but experts are advising to consider other factors. Here are some tips on choosing the right COLOR FOR YOUR SWIMMING POOL:

The first thing that you should think about is the kind of look you want your pool to elicit. To make this task easy, think about your backyard theme. If you want to gather more ideas, it is best to look for pictures of pools that you like and show it to the builder. The good thing is that there are many pictures in magazines even online. Once you found the one that you like, ask the builder if it is physically possible.

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When thinking about the color, you should consider the size of the pool. The rule of thumb is if you have smaller pool size, invest in lighter colors because it will create an illusion of more space. If you have larger pool size, consider dark colored pools because they will define the lines around.

The color will change depending on the sun’s brightness, the reflections of the trees, water temperature, and many factors. The pool should be the centerpiece of your backyard so choose a shade that will compliment the desired look. When choosing a color, determine if you prefer light pool colors or dark pool colors.

Pool surrounds
Experts advise that the tone of the pool surround should be in contrast to the pool color. For example, if you choose a dark-colored pool, the surround should be lighter. As long as you identified the color of the pool, choosing the surround will be easier.

Pool reflection
Pool reflection will add more charm to your pool. If you choose lighter pool color, it will draw the eye to the bottom of the pool. If you choose darker pool color, it will reflect the surrounds thereby creating a mirror-like effect.

Water temperature
The color of the pool can have an impact on the water temperature. Say you chose a lighter color, it has the tendency to reflect the sun resulting in cooler water. If you choose darker pool color, there is a tendency that it will absorb the sun resulting in warmer water. The water temperature will increase 2 to 3 degrees.  

Safety is paramount. You have to make sure that you also consider the safety features of the pool before letting the family use it. Pools are slippery and choosing the right color can have an impact on safety. For example, dark pool surrounds tend to absorb heat and retaining it on the surface. This will be uncomfortable to walk especially during summer.

Building a swimming pool is appealing. If you dreamt about this for a while, it is time that you consider it.