3 Steps To Take Before Renovating Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the key to a happy home, and is usually the central point in which to entertain guests. Especially now, as we approach the winter months the kitchen plays a greater role in the family home offering warmth and of course food. Food has a way to bring people together and it is therefore even more important for you to achieve great results when renovating your kitchen.

Australian Bygg understands the importance of having a functional kitchen that unites family and friends, while making sure that it is a hands-on cooking space for all aspiring chefs out there.

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, it can put pressure and stress on the homeowner, of course losing the aspects of having a functional kitchen during the renovation can cause many headaches.

Not having a plan or not being prepared during this time will only add to the stress. Being able to create an atmosphere that is light, elegant and functional is not an easy task. But hopefully you will not be alone when you renovate your kitchen.

Whether you are looking for a feature-packed design, or something simpler, the various steps in the process of renovating your kitchen can be very time consuming. Australian Bygg has compiled this guide to help you along the way when you are planning to renovate your kitchen.

  1. What is the budget for your kitchen renovation?

This is the first and most important step. Although it may seem like the most obvious thing to do, there are many people who do not actually create a budget for their kitchen renovation and decide to pay as they go. This is a huge no-no! Without the proper financial preparation you may be getting yourself into some serious trouble.

Make sure you sit down and take the time to review your budget. With a fixed sum, it will give you the right idea to start your design process. We encourage you go and talk to kitchen designers, and stretch your budget as far as possible and always keep an open mind and look at different options before deciding on suppliers, designs, etc.

  1. Choose functionality over style

Work with what you have, both within budgetary constraints and the surface area you have available. Make sure first, that the kitchen is working properly, and then you can start creating your design around it. Many people think that if they take down a wall, they have all the space in the world, but this then may lead to key elements of the kitchen being too far away from each other. For example if the sink and the fridge are too far away this will take away from the functionality of your new kitchen.

  1. What design are you looking for?

One of the biggest mistakes we see is when a customer has decided to renovate their kitchen in a completely different style compared to the rest of the home. When the renovation is complete, this can often lead to a feeling of awkwardness and create an abrupt feeling within the home. It affects the home’s general flow and leaves the kitchen with a feeling inadequacy.

So make sure when you are planning the design of your kitchen you have taken your home design into account. Making sure the designs of your home and kitchen match are important if you one day plan to sell it.
If you have completed these steps at an early stage of planning the kitchen renovation, it gives you a much better understanding of what will happen and even a clearer picture of the final finished product. It also opens up communication between you and the carpenters when you ask for the initial quote and this streamlines the entire process.

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