Benefits that Hardwood Floors provide

September 22, 2017 Off By Admin

Although most people prefer to have carpets on their floors the trend is changing now. More and more people are opting to and prefer hardwood flooring. Following are the reasons why:

Safety and Allergies:

The carpet flooring gives you an extra layer of safety which somewhat absorbs and minimizes the damage on the things that fall on the floor. The hardwood floor is unable to provide this cushion effect on absorbing damage. If something falls on the floor there’s a high chance of its getting break or receiving serious damage. The carpet floor holds a lot of dust in it over the time of its usage which is very difficult or near impossible to remove as it has tiny fibers and anyone can get an allergy by passing through the room. The Hardwood Floor refinishing provides absolute cleanliness in this regard; you just need to mop the floor with a clean cloth.

Loud and Quite:

The hardwood floor generates a great amount of sound during performing the normal activities of daily life. Mostly in old installations the people living on the down floor often complain about getting disturbed by hearing the footsteps of the people living on the top floor. The carpet flooring provides perfect noise cancellation, as it absorbs most of the sound and gives an edge in making the room soundproof.

Nature and Ecological:

The making of carpet involves resources that are scarce and are not renewable. This means that with the production of carpets we are losing our natural resources which can cause damage to our environment. The hardwood floor is made of wood and it comes from trees. The wood is a renewable resource as it comes from trees that can be replanted and with proper planning and maintenance won’t cause any harm to the environment.