Commercial Grease Trap Essentials

October 7, 2017 Off By Admin

Businesses that deal with large amounts of grease, fat, and oils have to be careful in how these are disposed of. Sending them directly down the drain and into the sewer will have them harden in unwanted areas, eventually leading to a serious internal plumbing clog. A grease trap is an essential part of any restaurant to keep the plumbing free-flowing.

What is a grease trap?

Fat, oils and grease, or fog as it is better known in the plumbing industry can cause disastrous clogs in commercial restaurant plumbing that can shut your business down in a heartbeat. The inability to get water to flow down the drains will leave you unable to conduct business. A grease trap allows for the collection of fog in one central area, allowing it to separate from the water before this mixture hits the main drain pipes.

How does a grease trap operate?

Water that contains fog is sent down into the central drains of the restaurant. It is then sent to a holding tank to rest and separate out food particles, fog, and water. The fog will tend t drift to the top, the food particles to the bottom and the water will be stuck in the middle. The water is allowed to drain on into the main sewer system. The great thing is that the business does not have to put any real thought into how the grease trap operates.

What happens without a grease trap?

The sewage drains with a restaurant that is not set up with a grease trap or more likely to encounter frequent, serious clogs. This can cause your business to close temporarily until the clogs can be removed. This may require expensive, labor-intensive processes.

How is a grease trap maintained?

An experienced plumber will need to come out on a regular schedule to clean out all of the built-up food particles and grease. This can be done affordably in a few minutes time. Access to the grease trap is normally outside and at the back of the restaurant.

How often should a grease trap be serviced?

A grease trap that is the right size for the volume o business it handles will only need to be cleaned out once a month. You may need to invest in a larger grease trap of this gets filled too quickly.

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