Consider The Details When Replacing Sash Windows

December 2, 2016 Off By Admin

Replacing sash windows means that you can enjoy the beautiful looks of period property while also benefiting from the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques. If you are looking for an authentic period style window, then you should opt for timber frames, and you should always ensure that the glazing that is installed is of a high quality. Glazing bars can be moulded to match your chosen style, or to match other sash windows in your home, and you have similar access to a wide range of traditional colours. The single most important factor, with all elements of sash window replacement, including the fittings and mechanisms, is that of quality.


Timber Frames Offer Authenticity

Sash windows, like almost all types of window and door, are available in both PVC and timber. While PVC may be less expensive to buy up-front, it also has a much shorter life span than high grade timber. If you want an authentic looking period window, then PVC cannot provide this look either. Traditional sash windows were made from timber, and you need to replicate this look if you want an authentic sash. Ensure that the timber is good quality, otherwise it will warp, bend, and become misshapen. You should also choose timber that is ethically sourced, in order to further reduce your impact on the environment when buying new windows for your home.

Glazing Quality

As well as the quality of the timber, you should also look at the quality of the glazing itself. Not all glazing is equal and not only is double glazing considered the best choice for energy conservation and heat retention, but rules and regulations mean that you may not have a choice but to choose at least double glazed windows. Fortunately, sliding sash windows are available double glazed, and if they are replacing single glazed windows they can provide considerable energy saving while improving the temperature conditions in the property.

Moulded Glazing Bars And Other Features

Manufacturing techniques have improved considerably over the past centuries, and this now means that you can benefit from moulded glazing bars. If you are looking to replace a single sash window, this means that you can have glazing bars and frames moulded to match other windows. Alternatively, you can choose a single style of frame and bar, and have these uniformly added to each of the windows in your home. You can also choose new window features like handles and latches, but match these to the style of the period that you are looking to recreate.

Match Colours To Match Design

It isn’t just in the timber frames and the metal window hardware that you can customise the look of your sash windows either. The colour of the wood plays an important part in the design, and buyers can choose from a range of colours that not only look great but serve to further protect the timber and ensure that the windows have a long and beautiful looking life. offers professional sash window fitting, repairs, and consultation. Whether you want to replace a single sash window, are looking to reconvert your property back to its period design, or you simply want unique features for your property, high quality timber framed sash windows offer everything you need.