Cowhide Goes Condo!

November 13, 2017 Off By Admin

Cowhide rugs are a staple of western decor, classic choices for adobe homes in the desert, rustic lodges in the mountains, or rambling ranches on the prairie. But the benefits and versatility of cowhide makes it a smart choice for any home, even urban condos. The many benefits of these rugs provide a plethora of decorating options for city-dwelling condo owners to make their living spaces warm and inviting.

An average condo provides easy access to jobs and city amenities, with little to no lawn or garden aside from communal spaces. Their primary selling points are location and functionality, often without a lot of personality. Thoughtfully selected cowhide rugs can soften angular paces, serve as accents, and add an organic component to turn merely functional into fabulous.

Consider a typical rectangular living area with a sofa, coffee table, and a couple of chairs. Now imagine it transformed into a more intimate space with the addition of a traditional cowhide rug to redefine the space, and turn a random collection of furniture into a cozy conversation spot. Cowhide is available in many colors, and its durability and natural stain resistance make it a great choice for a living room. The same rug can help create two separate spaces in loft style floorplans.

But these versatile rugs are not limited to the living area. The luxuriant softness works well in any bedroom, a treat for bare feet. Cowhide has been used for ages on wood and tile floors, but they can also be layered over existing carpet. They are naturally hypoallergenic, unlike so many materials, so will allow for peaceful, restful sleep.
Then there is the home office. These small rooms, often little more than glorified closets, are easy to treat like a storage chamber.

Take advantage of the versatility of cowhide, and choose a rug with a bold geometric or patchwork design to create a dynamic work environment for professional pursuits or add a traditional cowhide rug to augment scholarly endeavors. These practical rugs are even used in nurseries, in case the office needs to perform a new function.

Cowhide rugs have definitely gone condo, making their mark in urban environments in addition to their historical use in western décor. Imagine stepping into your home, leaving the city outside, and relaxing in a home all your own. Then envision how decorating with cowhide, a beautiful, versatile, durable design element, can enrich, soften or accentuate any space.