Creating window boxes with artificial flowers

June 8, 2017 Off By Admin

Artificial flowers can make your home beautiful outside and inside, without the need for maintenance!

It gets to this time of year and many of us feel like our homes could do with a little springtime tender love and care – but this doesn’t have to involve huge jobs like painting rooms, sorting through all of your stuff or completely redecorating. Something as simple as introducing flowers into the home can make a huge difference!

Flowers are a great way of quickly and effectively sprucing up and freshening up your home. They add colour, light, fun, a feeling of nature, and can really bring out the best in your home. But flowers can also take a lot of work, such as watering, trimming, and – in the case of fresh flowers – spending money to replace them every few days.

That’s why artificial flowers are such a great way to boost your home’s look without having to continually put in the time and money for maintenance. You get all the benefits with none of the work!

Look at the outside as well as the inside…

When decorating your home with artificial flowers, it’s important to consider the exterior as well as the interior. If you think about it, at lot more people will see your home from the inside than the inside, so it’s vital that your home appears attractive to the onlooking eye.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of making your home look more attractive is through window boxes!

Window boxes are a simple way of making your home look even nicer, and with so many window box options out there to choose from, there’s definitely a style of artificial window box that your home could benefit from.

What are the perks of artificial window boxes?

 Window boxes are little boxes of plants and flowers which you can hang below your window for all to see. They’re sweet, attractive and help brighten up the exterior of your home.

Window boxes are bright and colourful, and will help your home stand out on the street. Window boxes can give your home a definitive feel, which changes depending on the kinds of flowers you choose to include. Roses and peonies might make you feel like you’re in a country home or a little cottage, whilst plants like ivy or ferns give the exotic feeling of a luxury villa in a warm climate.

One great thing about window boxes is that you’re practically guaranteed that lots of people will see and admire them, as they’re visible from the outside of your home. Not only that, but every time you open a window or come home from a trip out, you’ll fall in love with them all over again.

What kinds of artificial flowers can you include in window boxes?

The floral arrangement you choose for your home’s window boxes will change the way you see your home – for the better! Something traditional like red roses gives an air of romance, as though you’re living in a penthouse in the heart of Paris. However, something more colourful and less classic will give the outside of your house a delightful pop of colour which people will find hard to ignore – it all depends on what you want your home to say.

Lavenders, peonies, plants and shrubs… whatever you want for your home’s window boxes, the option is there. The only limit is your imagination!

But the best thing about your window boxes is that the flowers are artificial, meaning there’s absolutely no work required from you – other than admiring your excellent choice of arrangement of course!