Creative Ways to Use Scaffold Boards

Creative Ways to Use Scaffold Boards

February 16, 2017 Off By Admin

Scaffold Boards: Functional and Artistic

Scaffold boards are the standard in building construction, particularly when it comes to covering space. The standard one to two-inch by four to twelve-inch boards are great timber for a great many purposes. However, not everyone thinks of their use-value outside of standard construction and scaffolding projects. Would you like to see some of the most artistic and creative uses of scaffold boards?

Indoor Lofts

Many houses have extra ceiling space that makes space feel more aired out. Any home with a ceiling height of ten feet or higher would be perfect for an indoor loft. Simply find a place in your great room or family room, preferably in the darkest corner, where there are a bare wall and no window space. You will need 4x4s cut at a 45-degree angle in order to support your indoor loft. You can make it an open loft with no walls except for a wide beam around the bottom edge to prevent things (and you) from rolling off, or you can wall it in and the outside the same color as your indoor walls. Be sure and be safe when installing electrical wiring to light your cozy loft. Use scaffold boards nailed to the wall to get up to it.

Hidden Outdoor Storage Rooms

One of the problems with outdoor storage spaces is that it may be difficult to tell if someone has broken into it, particularly if you do not enter it on a daily basis. Creating small outdoor storage rooms which are either partially sunk into the ground, or which stand in a wooded area, can be an excellent deterrent to thievery. Paint your scaffold boards like the surrounding foliage, or with a mottled woodsy appearance, and then plant bushes and vines around it to cover it up.

Family Study/Individual Nook

You can either create an outdoor family study which is reserved just for books and couches and warm lighting, or you can create an individual nook in your great room or family room, which has a wide seating with cushions and warm lighting and shelving for books. Be sure and double plank an outdoor family study, to insulate it from the weather. An indoor nook can even be built with open slats which allow the reader to look out into the family room and still maintain individual privacy within.

Scaffold boards are highly useful and functional. Talk with your family about creative ways to use these convenient pieces of lumber in your next project!