Custom Doors in Surrey, British Columbia

December 30, 2016 Off By Admin

Custom-made doors tend to blend well with any theme that a client might want, and the design of most custom doors in Surrey reflects the main considerations for buyers, such as security, aesthetics, the volume of traffic using the doorway, or how it fits into the overall house design.

A majority of the homes in Surrey, British Columbia have an average of seven doors, with most of these doors being custom-made door designs.

When choosing custom doors, first and foremost, clients have to decide on a number of options. They have to choose the kind of materials that they’d prefer, the design that they desire, the size and dimensions they want, and finally, any finishing touches they might have forgotten. Most custom door manufacturers tend to tinker with about six different designs.

Pivot doors. These are doors anchored by pins at the top and bottom, which act as a fulcrum that allows the door to pivot. This model requires large openings with minimal floor space interruptions. These doors also have to be considered against their weight and the holding capacity of the pins.

French doors. Not all French doors are custom doors, but it’s one of the main designs for which custom doors are made. They have glass panels that run throughout the length of the door, and they’re also known as

casement doors. They are hinged on both sides of the doorway and open in the middle.

Bi-fold doors. Also known as a bi-folding door, this is another one of the conventional designs from which custom designs are adapted. This type of door slides open, while its panels simultaneously fold up and stack against the wall. This kind of door needs frequent repairs, given that they have many moving parts.

Security doors. These are doors built specifically with safety in mind. Primarily, all doors serve a security function. Even then, doors that are meant for extra security tend to be fitted with multiple fail-safe locks, reinforced hinges, and panels, so you can have a custom-fitted door with additional security features only known to you.

Pocket doors. This is a type of door that disappears, when fully opened, into a compartment in the adjacent walls of the doorway. They are mainly used for architectural purposes, as well as space-minimizing purposes. They are very efficient when there is no space for swinging doors or hinged doors.

Interior Sliding Doors. Lastly, there are sliding doors, also referred to as patio doors. They are usually designed with large glass windows that provide door-like access to the patio. They are used for access, to allow natural light in, for fresh air, and to provide a great view of backyards and gardens.

These six-door designs are the most typical door models, and they are the most commonly used templates for creating custom door designs

Custom doors in Surrey tend to cost slightly more than regular doors, though they offer higher quality and have a greater aesthetic beauty.

A typical custom door can be made from a combination of wood, glass, and metal. There are also more than five-door mechanisms that you can use to custom-make your door. These include hinged doors, sliding doors, rotating doors, and high-speed doors, as well as automatic doors. Remember to keep all the above-mentioned options in mind when deciding on the design you want to be created by custom door manufacturers.