Fantastic Crown Moulding Ideas for Your Interior

October 16, 2017 Off By Admin

Fancy installing crown moulding in your own home? Although it’s pretty common to visit a home or establishment with crown mouldings, there really is just so much more to this versatile decorative element than meets the eye. Usually adorning the tops of our walls and cabinets, this popular addition has also graced countless entrances as well as held its own on our exteriors. In case you were wondering how else to take advantage of this amazing feature, here are a few ideas you can easily apply in your own home.

Lavish Luxury

Simple ceiling trims can definitely be an expensive addition depending on the material used and the complexity of the casting mould. If you’re envisioning a stunning and elegant atmosphere for any room in your home, one way to do it would be to custom make your crown mouldings. Plaster and solid wood are top choices if you want a more detailed cutting. For an added touch of glamour, you can also coat the crown moulding with a layer of metallic paint.

A Solid Addition

Solid wood has always been revered for its long-lasting quality and natural warm tones. Crown mouldings made from this material can be seen in many different houses and establishments throughout history. From simple carvings to more elaborate castings, there’s just something about a wood’s natural grain that’s soothing to the eye. Just remember to apply a protective layer to prevent the wood from warping or shrinking over time.

Circle Around

Ever wondered what you could do with a circular or curve-shaped space? Well, you’ll be surprised at just how flexible crown mouldings made from polymer resin really is. With this versatile material, you won’t have to worry about the need for relief cuts. You’ll achieve a smooth finish that looks as natural as can be. This is definitely something that you’ll have to custom-make and it’s more expensive, but if budget is not really an issue, this is one efficient way of decorating your round rooms.

Pride of the Past

Although less popular these days, there’s still a niche market for egg-and-dart detailing and acanthus leaves on crown mouldings. These pretty and elegant designs are just what you need for a subtle rendition of tradition. Although previously made exclusively from plaster, you can now get a more budget-friendly version with polyurethane crown mouldings or MDF crown mouldings. If you’re looking for just a hint of detail on the upper sections of your space, this is one way to go about it.

A Minimalistic Approach

If your interior verves towards a modern or contemporary style, you’ll more likely prefer the streamlined version of crown mouldings. Since the Industrial Revolution, our preferences for design has turned sharply towards clean lines and minimal protrusions. Since crown mouldings are essentially an architectural element that is visible, it makes sense to simplify its design as well. These days, cove crown mouldings and flat crown mouldings are making the rounds in many modern homes.

Subtle Support

Unless you’re into a riot of colours in your interior, it makes sense to highlight certain items and allow the rest to fall into a supporting role. Although crown mouldings can hold on its own as a visual attraction, more modern versions tend to dazzle with a more subtle effect. You might not first notice the crown mouldings in the room, but you’ll soon realise how much barer and stark the space would be without it.

Ever felt that the top of your cabinets seemed a little bare? Well, that’s another spot where crown mouldings definitely play a significant design role. You can easily pick and choose a crown moulding to install on your own. The end result can be a dramatic change to a more elegant and refined furniture piece. Just be sure to get the right crown moulding or paint colour that can either match or complement your cabinets to avoid a disastrously mismatched look.