FIVE things you wish you knew before you started painting your home

October 12, 2017 Off By Admin

Painting your home is an easy way to give it a new look and feel – a lick of paint really does make all the difference. This is true, but only when done properly because nothing makes a home look shoddy as quickly as a bad paint job. So don’t start painting if you’re not committed to the task. Here are five things people would have benefitted from knowing before they started painting.

ONE: Don’t skip the prep

This is not only in an effort to protect the space like the floor and skirting from paint drops, but also a measure to make sure the paint is applied properly. If you prep properly the paint will only be on the walls but it will be there to stay.

Just so, apply painter’s tape for clean lines and to avoid getting paint products on skirting and in corners where they are not meant to be. Make sure to cover all furniture, floors and other items in plastic so only the intended surfaces end up covered in paint.

Oh, and never ever leave the lid off of the paint tin; if it gets knocked over, all your paint will be wasted and you will have a serious mess on your hands.

TWO: Use quality tools

Do not waste your money on cheap brushes and rollers that will need to be replaced halfway through the job or that make a mess of the finished look.

THREE: Prime and/or sand your surfaces

Make use of the proper priming techniques. If the job requires sanding or a coat of primer, don’t skip any of these steps! This will ensure your finished product looks good – and looks good for an extended period of time!

FOUR: Have a game plan

Don’t paint aimlessly. Begin at one point and work your way across. Always start at the top, as close to the ceiling as possible, so that any dripping is brushed onto the wall in the downward brush strokes. Finish a wall at a time or you run the risk of the finished product looking patchy.

A product like Epoxiprime is a primer specifically made for difficult surfaces as it creates a tooth for the paint on everything from polyester and glass to damp cementitious surfaces and tiles.

FIVE: Use the right paint

Not all paints showcase the same. Paint manufacturers have perfected the art of developing paints designed for different applications. Search for paint products by category to make sure you are using the correct product for the relevant application.