Got My Studio Apartment Redesigned after Hiring an Interior Designer from UrbanClap

Got My Studio Apartment Redesigned after Hiring an Interior Designer from UrbanClap

December 15, 2017 Off By Admin

I live with my girlfriend Muskan in a studio apartment. Though we call it a studio apartment, it’s a big 520 square feet house to us. I work as a freelancer from the apartment itself while Muskan is currently doing her practice in dentistry. She is a crazy girl and has dreams like every other girl. Beauty is what admires her. She always had a dream, to live in a house that is specifically designed according to her choices. So, after collecting a decent amount, we decided to redesign our studio apartment in a way she wants. She was really happy with my decision, and I was happy seeing her glittering big eyes and the happiness on her face.

She had too many things in her mind, but was confused at the same time. So, I decided to relax her by finding an interior designer. Belonging to a Baniya family, she had a tight hand when it comes to spending money. She was not ready to hire the interior designer at any cost. But luring her about the beauty that the designer can bring in the implementation of her ideas, I convinced her to hire the interior designer. Now, we started looking for the interior designers in Bangalore city. It was really hectic to visit place to place in search of the best and most affordable interior designer in a big city like Bangalore.

UrbanClap – The No Cost Option to Find the Best

After searching through half of the city, it was becoming hard to find an interior designer in Bangalore that can add a life to Muskan’s idea at an affordable price. Most of the interior designers we visited were either way too expensive or were not able to match up her idea of design. The things were becoming tougher and Muskan was getting more tensed. She even cried once because no one understood what she wants. She even said me to drop the idea of redesign. No was my straight answer. I always wanted to see her happy.

Now, I turn round the table and went online to search for some options. I saw an ad scrolling on one of the websites. The ad was about an app UrbanClap, which is an app to find plethora of services. I installed the app immediately and started searching for some interior designer near my locality. To my surprise, I found one of the best interior designers in Bangalore on first go. Without looking at hundreds of options available, I found a girl Gurleen, who was a freelance interior designer. She was classy and had a good portfolio.

I fixed a meeting with her at my house so that she gets an idea what actually she needs to do after discussing the things with Muskan. Finally, the search was over. She understood Muskan’s idea and even helped her to revamp the idea. We booked her services paying 10K advance on the same day. She assured us that the work will be completed in 20 days. She and her team completed it within 13 days and gave the final touching on the 14th day. Muskan was totally surprised and very happy after seeing the final design. Her imagination was in front of her eyes. I was happy too after watching her smile with those two rabbit teeth shining.

Why I Recommend UrbanClap?

UrbanClap is one of the best applications that you will ever install on your device to find the best household services near your locality. It provides 40+ services that are needed by most of the people every day. From AC service to Car service, you can find just everything on this app. Moreover, the location based search, makes it more interesting. You will simply fall in love with its interface and the easy navigation will make you scroll through different options hassle free.

When I searched for the best interior designers in Bangalore on the app, I got hundreds of interior designers near my locality. But, I was lucky that I was impressed by the reviews and ratings of the first designer I saw there. So, without wasting any single second, I immediately contacted her. Our ideas clichéd together and we were impressed by the services she offered.

If ever you hire a service from this app, make sure you go through the reviews and ratings submitted by other clients. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of service offered to people by the company/person you are looking to. You can even talk to them via phone or fix a meeting directly with them at their office or at your place. It’s totally up to you. Go with UrbanClap and find the best services in your town at your doorstep.