How Often Should Sewer Line Cleaning Services be Performed?

December 28, 2016 Off By Admin

Sewer systems are dirty in nature. Waste collection and buildup, and biodegradable substances accumulate in these lines over time. A sewer contractor is the individual who should be contacted when sewer line cleaning in Edmonton has to be performed. However, it is important to understand how sewer line cleaning in Edmonton is performed. It is also important to familiarize yourself with how often these services should be performed by a licensed and certified sewer contractor. If you feel the time has come for cleaning to be performed, these are a few signs it might actually be necessary to remove buildup or clogs in the sewer system.

How often should lines be cleaned? –
Sewer lines are hidden. This in and of itself makes it difficult to figure out how often to have them professionally cleaned. As a general rule of thumb, an 18-22 month window is a good gauge for cleaning the system. If issues occur more frequently, a licensed professional can visit your home (or business) to do a full video inspection to determine potential issues and complications in the sewage system.

Indication it might be time for a clean up –
There is more than one warning sign that might give you a hint that the time has come to have the sewer lines cleaned. Among these signs are:
– Roots: The roots which penetrate the system are the prime reason clogs occur. Roots grow and continue to do so until removed. If you are noticing frequent clogs, a video inspection will let a sewer contractor determine the best methods to clean moving forward.

– Bellied pipes: This is basically a sag in the pipes. When soil becomes loose or breaks around the pipes, the belly occurs. If not dealt with, build up will occur, leading to clogs.

– Grease: Old used grease is poured down many drains by homeowners. This, however, eventually turns into a solid, as time progresses. When this buildup occurs, the only measure to remove it is with hydro-jetting.
These are among the most common indicators it is time for a professional system cleaning. When noticed, make sure you contact the appropriate service technicians immediately to have a video inspection performed at the earliest possible date.

Are there warning signs to look for? –
Yes, there are signs that will indicate potential issues are looming or time has arrived for a cleaning. These signs include:
1. Raw sewage backups (in sinks, drains, bathtubs, etc).
2. Pipe gurgling sounds (the louder the sound, the worse the problem is).
3. Water around drains or the basement floors.
4. Multiple clogs, slow draining, and odours in the home.
Again, when these signs are continually reoccurring, it is in your best interests to call a service team immediately for cleaning services.

Not all clogs are the same, and not all sewer lines are going to require the same type of service needs. With this in mind, homeowners have to know what to look for and how often to have their systems cleaned. If any of these signs are spotted, it might be time for professional cleaning services.