How to bring the feeling of Summer indoors 

How to bring the feeling of Summer indoors 

April 18, 2019 Off By Admin

During those Summer months when the sun is high in the sky and the sky is blue as opposed to a murky grey, we would all rather be outdoors than stuck inside. As lovely as this would be, it is not always practical, so here we show you how to bring the feeling of Summer indoors with these easy to follow tips:

1. Allow natural light into your home.

By removing net curtains and blinds, or just choosing a lighter fabric for your curtains, you will allow so much more natural light into your home. Utilising natural light as opposed to artificial has proven benefits when it comes to boosting your immune system, concentration levels, mood and general circadian rhythm. Of course, you could go one step further and invest in some slide and swing doors to allow as much light in a possible. Check out for some inspiration!

2. The scent of Summer.

What invokes more the scent of Summer than freshly cut grass, the catch of a breeze by a stream or some colourful flowers? It doesn’t take much effort to bring these glorious fragrances indoors. Whilst collecting flowers from the wild can be done, it needs to be done so with care and respect for the environment. will give some hints and tips for picking wild flowers whilst being sensitive to the environment. Of course, the easiest way of all to bring the scent of Summer indoors is to open those sliding patio doors and allow the gentle breeze to fragrance your home naturally.

3. Splash a little colour around.

Summer=colour. The bright flowers, the array of people out and about and all that wildlife enjoying the daylight hours bring an abundance of colour to our country. Summer colours are yellows, oranges, light blues and pinks and these can be found naturally and displayed with taste round your home. Simple yet super effective ideas include a bowl of colourful fruit on the kitchen counter, a bunch of daffodils in the window or a tasteful picture mounted so that the light from your windows catches it throughout the day. It really goes without saying here that the larger your windows the better. As well as allowing all that natural light to bounce off the colours around your home, patio doors will allow you to enjoy the colours in your garden as well! Good housekeeping has some great ideas for colourful. Summer flowers here:

However you decide to bring a bit of Summer indoors, enjoy the difference it makes to your home. A mood uplift is guaranteed!