How to Create a New Look for Your Bathroom 

How to Create a New Look for Your Bathroom 

April 19, 2019 Off By Admin

Apart from the kitchen, putting decorative embellishments to the bathroom usurps the most cash; no wonder the area is often neglected. You need not break the bank to get a lush look in your bathroom. You only need to learn the following tips and tricks to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space.

If you live in a rented property, there are still endless options you can consider making the bathroom look luxe. By upgrading your mirror or introducing a unique replacement toilet seats can add a personalised character to it; buy toilet seats here.

Identify a Space to Perch

In modern properties, it is uncommon to find a bathroom that lacks a seat. And to make yours exude a luxurious aura, you can try adding a rustic ottoman, a stool or an ergonomic armchair. It makes the space to achieve a grand and expensive look. Besides, it works as a seat to do your pedicure comfortably.

Add a Fabric Shower Curtain

There are reasons why fabric liners are most preferred to plastic curtains; They provide an appealing look and can be easily washed when they become stained or dirty. Expert designers emphasise the need to choose curtains that feel plush and soft.

Create an Accent Wall

Introducing an accent wall is an excellent way of making your bathroom have a modern look without undergoing the hassle of doing a general makeover. They not only add vibrant colour to the room, but it also creates the illusion that the place is bigger and better-looking than a neutral atmosphere.

If you live in your property, you can decide to install a tile wall with mosaic patterns. Tiles are affordable and provide a long-lasting interior décor. For a pop effect, don’t shy off from introducing other designs that involve different tiles and colour blends.

Stylish Toilet Seat

The toilet seat is a conspicuous and essential aspect of the bathroom. In the design industry today, the typical round toilet seats are being replaced by uniquely shaped replacement toilet seats. They come in a variety of shapes to fit your taste. They include round, oblong (elongated round design), and square toilet seats. When shopping for a replacement toilet, it is critical to establish the shape of your toilet seat to avoid mismatching the toilet.

Find Another Bath Mat

If your bath mat looks old and rugged, it sends the impression that the bathroom is unkept, even when it is clean. If you have such a carpet, it’s better to go shopping for a replacement mat. Preferably, find a Turkish or Persian handcrafted mat instead of the traditional cloth rugs. A woollen rug with intricate patterns can also be an ideal replacement which adds a tinge of sophistication to space.

Add a Plant

The bathroom is often moist. When selecting the right plant to put in the bath, look for those that thrive best in humid environments. Ferns, air plants and orchids are the perfect options. They not only decorate the space but also absorbs odour, leaving the area smelling fresh.

The bathroom is an essential part of the room. By upgrading it, you elevate the look and also the value of the property.