How to Quickly Add Character to Your Home

How to Quickly Add Character to Your Home

February 25, 2019 Off By Admin

You should always be proud of your home. Maybe you would host parties and find other ways to show off your space if it possessed more character. Whether your abode needs a remodel or you have just finished one, simple touches can change your property’s atmosphere.

Find Fascinating Furniture

If your current furniture does not lighten your heart, seek replacement pieces. You can find items with interesting stories from a wide spectrum of sources. Check your local listings for yard sales, tag sales and estate sales. Peruse selections at stores that resell bed frames, chairs and dining sets that have grown old for other families but would perfectly fit your home. Visit consignment shops that sell housewares. Expect surprises. If you do not know a piece’s history, do not be ashamed to make up a fun one.

Acquire Worthy Art

Even if you think you do not have notable artistic tastes, you can add paintings, photographs and sculpture to your living space. Also, you can seek insights from friends, art students or consultants. Warm months bring art fairs to cities, town centers, resorts, fairgrounds and college campuses. To learn what you like, attend a few fairs before buying or commissioning anything.

Refresh Your Floors

You don’t have to install 19th-century barn wood to reinvent your home’s walking surface. Instead, think of ways you can highlight your space’s current floors. For example, you could add southwestern style area rugs like those sold by Roth Rugs or a similar provider.

Hide Pet Evidence

For most people, pets are essential to a happy life. However, pet-adjacent items might lend your home unpleasant notes. To solve this issue, do not give up Rex or Puffy. If you have a dog, find a tasteful way to conceal their crate. Cat lovers, you can hide litter boxes multiple ways, and the best may be employing a character-giving piece of furniture. Manufacturers offer litter box concealment products that look like modern chests and end tables. Only you and your cats need to know what rests within the well-chosen item.

If you develop trust in your tastes, you can easily expand your home’s character. Once that task is completed, you can plan dinner gatherings and other social affairs you might want to host. After you send out invitations, begin developing and embellishing stories to thrill your guests.